85 Songs About Streets (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Streets 1. I’ve Been Everywhere by Hank Snow, Willie Nelson Artist: Hank Snow, Willie NelsonAlbum: –Year: – The song is a travelogue, detailing the narrator’s journey across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In each verse, the narrator lists the places he’s been and the things he’s seen. The chorus repeats … Read more

46 Songs About You (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Rap Songs About You 1. I’m the Realest by Eminem Artist: EminemAlbum: The King Is BackYear: 2009 The song is about how Eminem is the best rapper and how he is better than everyone else. 2. All About Me by Lil Wayne Artist: Lil WayneAlbum: Tha Carter VYear: 2018 The song is about Lil … Read more

41 Songs About Stupid people (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About Stupid people 1. Stop Making Stupid People Famous by Our Lady Peace Artist: Our Lady PeaceAlbum: Spiritual Machines 2Year: 2022 The song is about how society is too quick to make celebrities out of people who are not deserving of that status. It criticizes the culture of celebrity worship and the … Read more

79 Songs About Surprises (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About Surprises 1. Nothing Surprises You by Love & the Outcome Artist: Love & the OutcomeAlbum: Only Ever AlwaysYear: 2022 The song is about how nothing in life surprises the speaker anymore, because they have seen it all. They have been through the ups and downs of life, and they have come … Read more

8 Songs About Susan (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Pop Songs About Susan 1. Susan by The Buckinghams Artist: The BuckinghamsAlbum: PortraitsYear: 1967 The song is about a young man who is in love with a girl named Susan. He is trying to figure out how to tell her how he feels, and he is also trying to figure out what she is … Read more

55 Songs About Tattoos (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Christian Songs About Tattoos 1. I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe Artist: MercyMeAlbum: The Worship ProjectYear: 1999 The song is about a person imagining what it will be like to be in heaven. The person imagines being in a beautiful place with no more pain or suffering. They imagine being reunited with loved ones … Read more

57 Songs About Tea (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Tea 1. Sweet Tea by Zac Brown Band Artist: Zac Brown BandAlbum: Home GrownYear: 2005 This song is about a man who is in love with a woman who is married to someone else. He knows that he can’t have her, but he can’t help but love her anyway. II. Christian … Read more

24 Songs About The blood of jesus (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About The blood of jesus 1. O the Blood by Gateway Worship Artist: Gateway WorshipAlbum: God Be PraisedYear: 2010 The song “O the Blood” is a worship song that praises the blood of Jesus Christ. The lyrics talk about how the blood of Jesus was shed for the forgiveness of sins and … Read more

86 Songs About The cross (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Pop Songs About The cross 1. Man of Sorrows by Hillsong Worship Artist: Hillsong WorshipAlbum: Glorious RuinsYear: 2013 The song is a worship song about the Man of Sorrows, Jesus Christ. The song talks about how Jesus was a man of sorrows, and yet he still loved us and died for our sins. The … Read more