About Sound on the Sound

Since the site’s inception in 2006, the overall goal of Sound on the Sound has always remained the same: bring light to the music and musicians that move us.

We’re a group of folks deeply involved with the local music community in both professional capacities and simply as long-time fans who want to bring attention and context to the vibrant creative community of musicians that inhabit the Seattle area and the greater Northwest. Fascinating and original music is in no shortage in our area, and we’re here to highlight what we think in the best of it and help relate the larger narrative as it is happening. Have you been to a live show lately? We’re bringing you to the front row with the Northwest’s most exciting bands, and sometimes into the green room too.

Sound on the Sound offers a mixture of new mp3s, videos, reviews and news items, focusing mostly on Northwest up-and-comers but really including anything that we’re finding interesting. The Daily Choice is a weekday grab-bag of lo-fi gold, and with our weekly Northwest by Northwest column the latest and greatest out of Canada is always on the menu. When we see band’s we’re excited about we bring them to you by booking them ourselves for our monthly showcases at Columbia City Theater, or if we really like them for our annual birthday party at the tiny Blue Moon Tavern. We stage exclusive video sessions with local bands everywhere but a studio, capturing groups a capella on a island bluff or in their natural habitat, their practice space. Only you would never know it wasn’t recorded in a studio.

We strive to be an every-day online source for an original and informed take on what’s happening in Northwest popular music at this very moment. We know we are only as relevant as the music we champion, so we don’t talk about every band to cross our ears, not by a long shot. We really do mostly talk about the bands and music that we love and so we are presenting to you a curated view of the Northwest music scene, and not an exhaustive one. We hope to introduce you to what we think is the best of what the Northwest has to offer.

If you’d like to submit an album to review, you can reach us at: contact[at]soundonthesound.com