A Bonus Doe Bay Session with Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Here it is friends, the final Doe Bay Session from 2010. We’ll have a whole new series of Sessions come fall from this August’s Doe Bay Fest, but we hope you’ve enjoyed our inaugural series as much as we have.

Last but certainly not least, our final session was actually one of our most memorable ones. After waiting impatiently on the picnic table outside of our yurt, Hey Marseilles decided they couldn’t wait any longer for late drummer Colin Richey to make his way down the trail and they began their session without him. Pulled down the trail by the strings and accordion swells of his bandmates, Colin bashfully joins the band using the picnic table as a drum, never missing a beat after his arrival.

You can see Hey Marseilles tomorrow at noon for Free at the Harbour Steps as part of the Out to Lunch concert series.

Posted by abbey