Music of Seattle

Seattle is the biggest city in Washington where music has a rich history with different genes. Over the years, Seattle music has played a major role in developing the history of Washington’s music as well with genres such as grunge is hugely popular among the people. Bands like Nirvana or Pearl Jam or Alice In… Continue reading Music of Seattle

How to Set-up a Home Studio?

Working a home studio is exciting and interesting as you can have lots of fun recording the music. However, having a highly functional recording studio at home is crucial to be successful in recording good quality music. The quality of recording depends on the tools you use and how efficiently you set them up to… Continue reading How to Set-up a Home Studio?

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The Music of Iceland

Don’t Believe In The Greater Good?  Well, it’s high time you start. If it wasn’t for seemingly endless dark Icelandic winters with only 5 hours between sunrise and sunset the one would never experience one of the most inspiring musical scenes in the world.   So, prolonged unbearable winters for the greater good of neverending… Continue reading The Music of Iceland

Benefit Show this Saturday with Grand Hallway and The Maldives

From last year when Drew Grow had an accident and gears were stolen every week, I too did had medical mishaps. However, I have received some overwhelming support from the local musicians, organization, and most importantly from the music fans. On Saturday, we along with friends and fans are hosting a get together to show… Continue reading Benefit Show this Saturday with Grand Hallway and The Maldives

The Rebirth of the Columbia City Theater

Columbia City Theater in Seattle is an historic theatre with some of the finest singers and artists have graced its stage. Built in 1917 in an obscure location (back in the 1920s, the location was not convenient), Columbia City Theater has reopened again with state-of-the-art facilities. However, before its grand reopening, Columbia City Theater was… Continue reading The Rebirth of the Columbia City Theater

How Wireless Trail Cameras Work

The game camera industry has changed a lot and there has been new developments in wireless and cellular technology. Typically, these cameras have been created with a built-in transmitter or with a SIM card from a cellular carrier. The transmitter or the SIM card transport captured images or pictures from the camera to the cell… Continue reading How Wireless Trail Cameras Work

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Top 7 European Singers

It is a common mistake to assume that all great music is made in The United States or Asia. Here is a list of seven European singers who have achieved international success. 1. Björk Born in 1965, BjörkGuðmundsdóttir has enjoyed a four-decade long career as a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ. Arguably Iceland’s most famous… Continue reading Top 7 European Singers