The Rebirth of the Columbia City Theater

Columbia City Theater in Seattle is an historic theatre with some of the finest singers and artists have graced its stage. Built in 1917 in an obscure location (back in the 1920s, the location was not convenient), Columbia City Theater has reopened again with state-of-the-art facilities. However, before its grand reopening, Columbia City Theater was plagued by a myriad of problems. With improper management of its resources and poor up-keep of the facilities, Columbia City Theater went under an abyss.

However, after going through a rough patch, the theatre has found a new management, who are hell-bent on taking Columbia City Theater to its old grandeur heights. They are willing to make sure both fans and the most renowned bands can come together and enjoy music entirely. As a result, the theatre has underwent some major renovations including a complete overhaul of the recording equipment, creating the theatre compliant with fire sprinkler, and introduction of snagging local sound.

The Rebirth of the Columbia City Theater With these things, Columbia City Theater hosted some major programs lately. Most notably, the reopening ceremony got off to a flying color with music from DJ Suspense. DJ Suspense featured Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington to commemorate the storied history of the theatre with eye-catching performances. Fans along with the neighboring locals were thrilled to witness history again. There was diverse crowd who were roaming the halls randomly. Not to mention all the neighboring people and business owners were glued to their TVs, watching the grand opening ceremony. Aside from this, people of all types and races stood shoulder-to-shoulder, moving and nodding to the tune and beats of DJ Suspense.

Apart from the mesmerizing performances of DJ Suspense, there was a classic segment, which included Mash Hall soundtrack. In fact, it proved to all of us that Mash Hall is a genius band. They are pure entertainment with giggling lyrics and endless energy. That being said, the theatre was packed with fans, smiling and bobbing heads with the sounds and music of Mash Hall.

With all these amazing performances, there was a test of the sound system. The sound system passed the test smoothly with performances from orchestral genius Grand Hallway. Afterwards, the grand piano took the center stage, presenting live performances from local bands and musicians.

In truth, The Columbia City Theater is part of the rich history of Seattle music. For that very reason, people were excited to see the theatre in action. And they also attended the grand opening ceremony, which continued for several days with music shows and free movies! In short, the Columbia City Theater has made the city of Seattle lively with live performances and finest art works.