April 6, 2010

The Moondoggies Played The Blue Moon, Plot Summer Tour with Blitzen Trapper



The Moondoggies at the Blue Moon ::: Polaroid by Josh Lovseth

Saturday night at the Blue Moon was a Hardly Art label showcase of sorts, featuring two bands officially on the label, The Moondoggies and Unnatural Helpers, and a third band with an up-in-the-air status at this point. Of course, you would have never known that, because the only band listed on the bill was the fictional Diamond Joe Quimbys.

The first Hardly Art band to take the stage were the Unnatural Helpers, who have a new record in the pipeline and who had me wishing I could have caught the whole set instead of sneaking in for the last two songs.  Billed as the Diamond Joe Quimby’s the Moondoggies served as the night’s headliners. The band took the stage at midnight and played to an effusive crowd who knew every word to ever song until last call. The Moondoggies are the closest thing the Blue Moon has to a house band and even though they can barely still play there even when it’s a secret, seeing them on the stage that all but bore them just never gets old.

That third band of unknown status (who played second), referred to themselves as “White Lightning.” Formerly they were “Magic Mountain,” or maybe “Magic Mtn,” but I guess that didn’t go over too well with the trademark police, so now they have a new name. (Which may not be the name they end up with.) The now known as “White Lightning” is a collaboration of Arthur & Yu’s Grant Olsen and The Moondoggies.  Kevin Murphy, lead singer of The Moondoggies, told me that a summer White Lightning tour may happen, and a recording may even follow. But no promises. You can already hear the collaboration in action on one live track included on the free 2009 Hardly Art label sampler, a track recorded during the course of playing just a few select dates last summer.

With all that possibly in the works, it’s looking like it’s going to be a busy year for the Moondoggies. In addition to setting a September release date for their next Hardly Art LP, Tthe band has just returned from a month long tour with the Cave Singers and the Dutchess and the Duke and the band has already confirmed an early summer tour with fellow Northwest roots rockers Blitzen Trapper. Those dates are below the fold.


White Lightning? ::: Polaroid by Josh Lovseth

Flickr: The Moondoggies, White Lightning at The Blue Moon Tavern