January 1, 2008

Metal Monday: Bloodhag at the Comet, Abbey and Josh’s 1st Metal Show


What’s up readers? Happy fucking new year, even though for us followers of the lunar calendar new years day was a couple months ago, but a happy one to you solarites. With this post we mark two momentous occasions: the first Metal Monday post of 2008 (which true to form is up on a Tuesday) and a review of Abbey and Josh’s first metal show!

December 28th was a busy night. It was my last night in Seattle before the 13 hour drive back to the Bay at 6 am the next morning. What better way to end my visit than with good friends, Mac and Jacks, and a show featuring some of Seattle’s finest metallers at the legendary Comet Tavern. Saturday night’s line up fronted by Seattle’s own Bloodhag supported by We Lit the Fuse and Helms Alee all playing to benefit the Vera project which continues to bring exquisite all ages shows to the people of Seattle. All three bands hail from Seattle and offered up a crushing

sound. We Lit the Fuse is a hardcore five piece who mix screamed and melodic vocals with heavy drony guitars and stabbing licks. Their sound is familiar, but brutal and enjoyable for every minute, well worth a listen should you run into them at a show or come across their CD. Helms Alee is an intricate trio spinning haunting three part harmonies. Check these guys out people, similar to Ludicra down here in SF, Helms Alee are taking a stand and traveling in their own direction. Putting aside labels, boxes, and motifs, Helms Alee is a heavy band out to make a mark.

So anyone who follows this column at all, knows I’m quite partial to Bloodhag, so I was very eager for Josh and Abbey to be at the show to get a couple pictures (which I’m gonna try to post…) as well as to experience what all the literary madness surrounding the band is all about. As usual Bloodhag delivered beyond belief. As usual Bloodhag took to the stage dressed in button downs and sporting ties with a box of books tucked away in an easily accessible spot. Assaulting the audience with a barrage of songs from the previous album “Hell Bent for Letters” while offering up a few tracks from an upcoming album (which Sandeep cant wait for). Beyond that, Bloodhag put on their show, and for those of you who don’t know what that’s like, hopefully the pictures will help, but it is a full-fledged bibliophilic headbanging experience. As usual Bloodhag introduced audience members to author after authors, presenting their laminated letter from Anne McCaffrey before throwing themselves into one of the best shout along songs they have.

Of course no Bloodhag show would be complete were it not for the spreading of literacy, so front man Professor Jake Stratton was keen to pass out books to create some rabid readers in the audience…and thank goodness! Were it not for that I would have had nothing to read on the car ride down.

All in all, Bloodhag brought their ‘A’ game and hammered the skulls of those wise enough to attend that night. The show culminated in what I was hoping there would be excellent pictures of, but sadly (though delightfully) it was too crazy for a good shot. Closing out with “HP Lovecraft”, Bloodhag dropped to the floor and chugged, growled, and ripped through the track, putting the audience into a dizzying fray of circle headbanging and horn raisingly delicious body spasms.

Ah Bloodhag, I can’t wait to see you guys again! Bay area readers, have no fear! I got it from the band themselves, they plan to be down here in the spring, so keep reading, and as always, keep it gloomy!