January 20, 2010

Put a Local Haiti Benefit Show on your Calendar



Since I’ve received a number of notices of the local music community coming together to have benefit shows where the proceeds are going to the humanitarian effort in Haiti, I thought I’d put together a super post of posters and dates of the various events going on. I love that the local music community isn’t shy about holding benefits for it’s members and causes of substance, and considering the number of shows coming together for the cause of Haiti, this disaster seems to have really brought out Seattle’s inner compassion like I haven’t yet seen. One show is happening at Neumos tonight. The Tractor Tavern show happening the 31st features the elusive Whalebones on the bill. All the shows are bills worthy of your time.

January 28th at the Moore Theater Seattle Helping Haiti Benefit Concert & Auction with Sweet Water, Vince Mira, Mike Herrera of MxPx and Tumbledown, The Maldives, The Classic Crime and The Memphis Radio Kings. See more information and get tickets for $15 via STG Presents. “All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross’ relief efforts in Haiti. “


Wednesday, January 20, 2010 NEUMOS PRESENTS:

Kore Ionz Bakra Bata’ Big World Breaks featuring Gabriel Teodros, Yirim Seck (of Black Aries) and B-Flat (of GodSpeed and Hi-Life Sound System) Tudo Beleza DJ Tomas



January 21st Navigator vs. Navigator – laters Panther Attack /\ Eighteen Individual Eyes \/ Wah Wah Exit Wound – earliers

Starts promptly at show o’clock……..Comet Tavern – 922 E. Pike St. “100% of merch and our door earnings from this show go to UNICEF (http://www.unicefusa.org/) to help the children of Haiti.”

1/28 – Hattie’s Hoot for Haiti Performances by Kevin Murphy (The Moondoggies), Zoe Muth, and More Cover: $10 – %100 of proceeds go to the American red Cross

1/31 – Luvin’ Haiti @ the Tractor Tavern THE TRIPWIRES THE CUTE LEPERS WHALEBONES EUGENE WENDELL & THE DEMON RIND Cover: $10 suggested donation ~ 100% of proceeds go to Haiti Relief and Development Time: 8pm

Haiti Relief Flyer

Feb. 4 at Neumos Common Market, The Physics, Sol, and Dyno Jamz, and hosted by Khingz. $10 Adv. ALL MONEY FROM THE DOOR IS GOING DIRECTLY TO DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

September 7, 2008

Bumbershooting : Vince Mira and the Roy Kay Trio


photo by Josh

Vince Mira and the Roy Kay Trio is an act you have to see and hear to believe. I can tell you here, holy hell there’s this local teen sensation who sounds exactly like Johnny Cash! But until you hear that voice, his voice come out of this petite young man from Federal Way–just how stunning Vince Mira  is as a performer is lost.

Upon hearing Vince while walking out the KEXP Music Lounge, my initial thought was ‘how nice that someone was spinning the Man in Black in between sets at the Mural Amphitheater.’  With a wave of excitement and shock, I realized this was no record and that all those folks I shrugged at and said “sure he does” when telling me just how much Mira sounds like Cash weren’t exaggerating one bit. Getting to a space on the lawn, I was surrounded by fellow awe-struck Bumbershooters. Neighbors looked at each other with almost every note, with eyebrows raised and smiling nods of approval, as if to say — “can you believe this kid?!” While Mira’s covers of Cash classics like “Ring of Fire” and “Walk the Line” got huge responses and the crowd to sing along, his original songs also retained the swagger and depth of a Cash tune.

One of our favorites was a track that Mira introduced as the first song he ever wrote, when he was fifteen.  Vince Mira must have an old soul, as well as a voice beyond his age, because out came a song of his woman doing him wrong and relationship drama far beyond that of a fifteen year old. But like every tune he sang to us that afternoon, Mira did so with soulful authenticity and stature far beyond his years.

Mira told the crowd that he was flying to Nashville that night to record his next album with Johnny Cash’s son. While hearing the Man in Black’s voice come out of a teenager is surreal to us, to John Carter Cash we imagine hearing his father’s voice coming out of Vince Mira must seem like a wonderful reincarnation. Vince Mira is further proof that Johnny Cash–the songs, the legend, and the voice–is eternal.