May 20, 2008



Mudhoney - I’m Now

When I was a wee lad, a friend’s naïve, perhaps sadistic sister informed me that young gents who attended Mudhoney shows were in danger of being pulled in to what she referred to as “sex pits”. Seedy, sweaty masses of horny fans lying in wait to do god-knows-what sort of sexual misdeeds to unsuspecting concert goers. Though my eleven year old interest was, well, more than a little peaked, I was also goddamn terrified. For years and years I could only associate the gritty garage rock sounds of Mudhoney with the awful possibility of losing my virginity to the groping grasp of a teeming mob. Thus my love for these godfathers of grunge, never truly came to bloom.

Even now, many years and a truth-bearing confirmation with vocalist Mark Arm later, it still took me a couple solid listens to really get anything out of the foursome’s new release The Lucky Ones. What seemed at first to be a grating, even immature throw back to the early ‘90s grunge heyday, is truly a deceptively catchy album of balls-to-the-ceiling rock and roll by formative musicians.

All raw grit and no glamour, this is rock and roll as it should be, hard, fast and noisy (and lacking in sex pits).

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MP3: Mudhoney – I’m Now