February 13, 2012

The Daily Choice: Hot & Cold – Uighur Pop


Hot & Cold’s “Uighur Pop” sounds like the revolutionary anthem of the future. A group of trench-coat wearing street kids gather in a warehouse to discuss the downfall of the mega-government that’s peering at them through their state-issued ID Watches. A speaker steps on stage to rally the youthful mob. As his speech gets louder and closer to its finale the opening drum pulse of “Uighur Pop” rattles out of the speakers hanging from the ceiling. It’s loud and harsh and rhythmic to the point of epilepsy, and the crowd, riled by the speech, pump their fists in the air, calling for the head of the government that holds them down.

Hot & Cold’s album Conclusion/Introduction is out now on Night People.

Hot & Cold – Uighur Pop