December 16, 2011

Our Favorite Photos of 2011: John Roderick



John Roderick ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

In an industry and city obsessed with passive coolness, joy isn’t a word on the lips of many music writers or musicians, which is why John Roderick’s performance with the School of Rock during City Arts Fest was so refreshing. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and when it comes to demonstrating the ebullient emotion of the night, I believe it’s true.

But if the photo could zoom out, you would see it wasn’t just Roderick grinning that evening. It was the entire room, the columns of the Showbox seemed to smile. From the rotating stage of talented and nervous young musicians, their parents proudly watching, the opening bands standing side stage cheering along and the notorious unemotive Seattle audience who cheered and grinned like I’ve rarely seen. At the center of it was Roderick, who had the most genuine fun I saw a musician have all year, all while performing my favorite “Long Winters” concert in the half decade I’ve seen the band perform. And not just for the cute factor, as Roderick reminded the oohing-and-ahhing audience, “these kids aren’t cute, these kids are bad ass.” And they were. And it wasn’t my favorite for the usual witty banter (you know we have a “Roderickisms” tag on this site, right?) or that Sean Nelson joined his old band mate for a few songs, including a long-lusted after cover of “The Only Living Boy in New York.” No, it was the unadulterated joy radiating from “The School of Roderick.”

Just look at that smile.

You can see Roderick and his old bandmate Nelson tonight at the Three Imaginary Girls annual holiday show with Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide), Mal de Mer, Heligoats and Temp Score (Nelson and Kyle O’Quin) at Columbia City Theater. Roderick will be there reprising his role as “Indie Rock Santa,” where hopefully he’ll be displaying that same joyful grin.

January 2, 2009

Sound on the Sound With Indie Rock Santa


Sure, the holiday’s have come and gone, but we would be remiss to not share our first Sound on the Sound photos with “Indie Rock Santa”…i.e. John Roderick of The Long Winters from the Three Imaginary Girls annual holiday bash.

Sound on the Sound w/ John Roderick ::: photo by Laura Musselman for TIG

Abbey with John Roderick/Indie Rock Santa ::: photo by Laura Musselman

December 9, 2008

The People’s Choice


fleet foxes at sasquatch

Fleet Foxes at Sasquatch ::: Photo by Josh

Hopefully you’re not all voted out for the year because starting now you can lend your vote to a couple of locally based best-of polls for album of the year.

KEXP’s Top 90.3 Albums of 2008 voting is now open. You get ten unordered choices. Choose wisely!

While the KEXP list is for all albums, local, national and international, the Three Imaginary Girls poll that went live today is just for Best Northwest Releases of 2008. You get five ordered choices on this one. They’ve even provided a handy cheat sheet of bands that have released albums this year. I’m very interested to see what this poll comes up with.

Stereogum has already had it’s own bloggy poll for their Gummy Awards and Fleet Foxes won album of the year. The band has also been top five in numerous other publication editors’ polls. I wonder if this will this be repeated in these peoples choice polls? Methinks yes.

January 4, 2008

Northwest Music News this week


Seattle’s newest music venue: King Cobra. Set to open sometime in January in the old Sugar nightclub space next to the Comet, they promise all kinds of music offerings for their 475 person capacity venue. See the complete details at Lineout. With the demise of the Croc, 10th and Pike is the place to be.

Three Imaginary Girls Best of the Northwest 2007 poll results are in. They’ve got a couple lists to compare: the Editors Picks and the Readers Poll. I see many people (smartly) agree with me about the Cave Singers and Menomena being top ten albums this year. They also bring us the Easy Street Records Best of 2007 list, picked by the record store employees themselves.

Grand Archives release a few new songs and new album details. A new pair of cheerier songs are up on their myspace. Their new album is self-titled and will be released on Sub Pop on February 19. Complete details at pfork. Their playing at the Triple Door on February 20. Buy tickets here.

You can now go to Laser Radiohead at Seattle Center. Rock.

December 18, 2007

TIG Holiday Bash


rachel flotard w/ jon rauhouse at sxswRachel Flotard w/ Jon Rauhouse (left) at SXSW 2007, the Ballard Party

Poor TIG were some of the most immediate casualties of the Crocodile’s unexpected closing, but the ever resourceful people that they were, they managed to move the show to El Corazon completely in tact. Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, joined by Neko Case’s amazing lap steel player Jon Rauhouse is the set I’m excited about. I saw them do a short set at SXSW at the Ballard Party and was very impressed (see picture above). Flotard was the consummate front-woman, cracking jokes on stage about missing her other band and not being up to the task of covering a Neko Case song herself (she killed it, in a good way). I highly suggest making it down for at least that set.

Another good reason to head down to El Corazon on Thursday is John Roderick reprising his role as Seattle’s own “Indie Rock Santa.” You can sit on his knee, have your picture taken and relive your childhood holiday memories, only this Santa isn’t like any mall Santa you’ve ever encountered.

tig holiday bash
December 17, 2007

When A Venue Shuts Down, Where Does it’s Shows Go?


I imagine a lot of local and national bands will be asking themselves this question in the coming days. Literally hundreds of bands scheduled at the now closed Crocodile are left in the lurch for venues and tour dates.

Luckily at least one show scheduled at The Crocodile this week has found a new willing host. Three Imaginary Girl’s annual Holiday Party featuring Tullycraft, Rachel Flotard, Your Favorite Book, and special guest Indie-Rock Santa (John Roderick) – will now be held at El Corazon on Thursday the 20th. Other than venues, the only thing that concert goers need to keep in mind is now doors will be at 8pm.

December 3, 2007

Wherein the people speak…


… by voting on the interwebs for their favorite album …

… where dem librul’s hang their chad’s NPR’s All Songs Considered Best Album of 2007 Poll

… where the hipster’s annoint a ceremonial king and queen and promptly insult their new royalty’s prowess Stereogum’s 2007 Gummy Awards Poll (voting closes 12/6)

… where the treehugger’s ponder each other’s didgeridoo’s Three Imaginary Girls Best Northwest Releases of 2007 Readers Poll

… where the music lovers vote KEXP’s Top 90 albums of 2007 Poll

I’m paralyzed with indecision right now. I’ve still got to look at other people’s lists to see what I’ve missed out on. Need helpful primer to jumpstart your task? I advise checking the Metacritic top 30 of 2007, Harp’s list and Paste’s 100 to get a sense of what paper publications are saying.

March 29, 2007

Northwest Music News Thursday


Issac Brock interview on 107.7 The End. I’ve updated the original post about his interview to include the streaming audio, courtesy of the EndMail. Brock is funny… sort of.

Three Imaginary Girls have a sweet new site. Basically they did what I wanted to do with this site, and they did a kick-ass job. They’ve pitchforked it up and it looks like a place I will return to again and again. Nice to see they have an “imaginary blog” going now as well.

Sanjaya Survives! Stay tuned to Seattlest for future Fanjaya coverage. My guess is that he’ll be out the door once things start getting serious. I doubt he’ll make the top five but I wouldn’t be suprised to see him number six.

Dave Matthews band annouces Gorge dates.  They are Friday – Sunday, 8/31, 9/1 and 9/2. You might not like them, but who else can book three Gorge shows at $50 plus dollars at ticket and still sell them all out?

Ice Age Cobra Interview at Seattle Powerpop. In anticipation of the WIG Birthday Bash tommorow at the High Dive featuring IAC as well as Shim, The Trucks and Seaweed Jack, Jordan takes a moment to check in.

- Update 3/29/07 -

More acts announced for Sasquatch. Just added: Blackalicious, Visqueen, and Incredibly Strange Wrestling.