October 22, 2010

City Arts Festival Preview: Day Three


The Fruit Bats ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

After a stunning case of writer’s block completely and a never-ending food coma derailed my “Day Two” preview, I am back to save the universe. Besides, Day Two featured a handful of acts we never shut up about here at Sound on the Sound. It’s nice to take a step back and let other local media outlets gush over bands on our behalf. There was also a few interesting fireside chats taking place yesterday that I was curious about. Gentle reader, if you attended either one of the fireside chats, please do tell me how that went.

Friday October 22nd

Where I’ll be: Showbox at the Market

Who am I checking out: Besides you? Wye Oak, Seabear, Fruit Bats and Blitzen Trapper.

What are a few of the best things about Baltimore? Let me tell you:

1)  Oriole Park at Camden Yards

2) Heroin (Best on the east coast…from what I’ve heard.)

3) Pretending to star in The Wire

4)  Wye Oak

I’m going to go as far as to say Wye Oak is the band that I’m most looking forward to performing on the Showbox Market stage. That’s not East Coast biased rearing its ugly head. That’s me using one of my human senses and making a snapshot judgment call based on that fact. Wye Oak is on first so I suggest you get there early. Fruit Bats will also be performing tonight. I have only seen Fruit Bats at this past year’s Capitol Hill Block Party and they were one of the highlights of the festival. Accurately described as a “musical aphrodisiac that invites the most questionable dancing you’ve ever seen.” Fruit Bats means pure joy, it’s that simple.  I appreciate the freedom they give themselves during the songwriting process.

As for Seabear, one of their songs was just featured on Grey’s Anatomy. What? That doesn’t suffice for a musical description these days? You don’t need to know anything about Grey’s Anatomy to know what kind of music they play on that crazy prime-time soap opera. Seabear is pleasant folks music with lots of instruments. A great soundtrack for reading a magazine in a hospital room while someone you love slowly dies from [insert terminal illness here]. Don’t worry my dear, Seabear is here. Their name in Icelandic means “we’re really good friends with Sigur Ros and Bjork, who are you again?”  Seabear’s song “Teenage Kicks” makes me want to put on a high school varsity jacket and do the twist, very slowly. Excellent.

Last but certainly not least, the headliners of the evening are Portland’s Blitzen Trapper. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this band sounds familiar. I know “familiar” is not quite a sound or even a decent description of music, but that’s the choice I am making. It’s better than me saying the sound like Portland, right? What the hell does that mean? No, but seriously, if Portland were a sound….

Show starts at 8pm. That means Wye Oak starts at 8pm. That means you’re there at 8pm. Don’t ask questions.