March 1, 2012

Cassette Pop from Pleasure Beauties



Things are going down all the time at the Cairo Gallery and courtesy of the Cairo crew and their Coastal Sightings comp late last year was a impressive window into Seattle’s bubbling experimental pop scene as it exists right now. Pleasure Beauties were one of the bands who were brand new to me courtesy of the collection, and at first I didn’t think much of that one song amongst a crowd of like minds. Then we got a tape in the mail, both sides full of songs, and consequently had a listen to it in the car. Side one was pretty good, good enough to warrant a listen to side two, but side two of the cassette was dubbed at what sounded to be triple speed. The side I could hear is barebones pop to be sure, almost ramshackle at times, but it’s also ambitious and full of life with its overfast drum fills, psychedelic detournes and legit melodies and harmonies. Cloaked in a delayed four track haze the drums are buried and the words sometimes bleed into everything else, but it’s still some of the most satisfying and varied pop experimentation I’ve encountered in ages.

Pleasure Beauties are dropping their tape thanks to Wild Animal Kingdom Records at the Cairo Gallery March 9th with Secret Colors and Lazer Zeppelin.