March 5, 2012

The Daily Choice: The Feeling of Love – I Could Be Better Than You But I Don’t Wanna Change


The Feeling of Love in three bullet points:

1. Francophile garage kids plumbing the depths of Wooden Shjips and Francophile style pop.

2. Everytime I think I’m done with garage and done with fuzzed out guitars some amazing band like this pops on to my radar and all of my negativity laced opinions melt in to a butter puddle.

3. The moment where the guitar drops out and its just bass and vocals and organ and then boom screeching guitar and yelling – best rock and roll moment of 2012 so far.

I need more. More rock ‘n’ roll 2012! Bring it!

This track is the b-side to a Permanent Records released 7″ split with Ty Segall.

The Feeling of Love – I Could Be Better Than You But I Don’t Wanna Change

November 16, 2011

The Daily Choice: King Blood – End of a Primitive


King Blood came in to my life just recently with the backing of Aquarius Records, the quaintly metal-headed record shop down the street from my house.  Raven Sings The Blues had also given it a healthy nod and I imagined that with a moniker like “doom-boogie” tacked on to it, that it’d be a quick visit to King Blood Town before yelling “Switch!”  Wrong as always.  King Blood fills the sizable void in my heart right now for big, depressing rock ‘n’ roll that sounds like Robert Johnson missed the crossroads and ended up eating peyote and wandering in to the bleak sun-baked flats of the desert.  Ryland Wharton, the leader of King Blood creates a poisonous club sandwich of fuzz and strung out guitar loops and then more fuzz and then more strung out guitar loops.  It burns and hisses and crackles and then like a blown fuse, is gone.

Eyewash Silver was released in a hugely limited number years ago and now has been re-released by Chicago’s Permanent Records.  Supplies are again limited, so purchase quickly.

King Blood – End of a Primitive