May 8, 2009

Get Your Tissues Ready: All Songs Considered Talks to Mark Redding of The Shackeltons About Mother’s Day


Mark Redding with Flowers::: photo by Abbey

NPR’s All Songs Considered just posted a beautiful story about one of my favorite people in the world, Mark Redding of The Shackeltons.

The post, entitled “Decorating the Stage for Mom” is in honor of Mother’s Day and is at least a two tissue read. If you were ever curious why The Shackeltons decorate their stage with flowers or why Mark is one of music’s most compelling and heartfelt performers, this article is for you.

The article makes me want to make sure I go and squeeze my Mom extra tight this Sunday.

It also reminds me why The Shackeltons and Mark are so very special, it’s not just music they share with us, it’s love. It’s the good, the bad, and ultimately, the beautiful. It’s life blood. It’s themselves. In an industry that constantly struggles with authenticity, The Shackeltons know nothing else.

Shackeltons Stage:: photo by Abbey