March 23, 2012

The Daily Choice: Lantern – Alap/Emily


Lantern are many things:

1. A band that though I love them, had to be removed from my I-Phone because there growling, sweaty, boot-shaking, rock ‘n’ roll was too much for the speakers of my coffee shop and the glue eared customers to handle.

2. Fronted by the nicest man in rock ‘n’ roll, Zachary Fairbrother. On stage he might look like a transient, spitting his songs in to the microphone, just one drug too close to a coma, but I implore you sign up for his newsletter and you’ll be greeted every so often with a friendly burst of genuine love. It’s really something to behold.

3. Seemingly some experimental rock/country/noir types. This new track, “Alap/Emily” is a 7-minute burner that deeps between deep psych grooves and the type of music you might soundtrack your beat-up truck drive to the shooting range to face off against a posey of mutant rednecks. And by that I mean awesome.

Tape maestros Night People just dropped the band’s new album Burnt Youth. Pick it up kiddies.

Lantern – Alap/Emily

February 13, 2012

The Daily Choice: Hot & Cold – Uighur Pop


Hot & Cold’s “Uighur Pop” sounds like the revolutionary anthem of the future. A group of trench-coat wearing street kids gather in a warehouse to discuss the downfall of the mega-government that’s peering at them through their state-issued ID Watches. A speaker steps on stage to rally the youthful mob. As his speech gets louder and closer to its finale the opening drum pulse of “Uighur Pop” rattles out of the speakers hanging from the ceiling. It’s loud and harsh and rhythmic to the point of epilepsy, and the crowd, riled by the speech, pump their fists in the air, calling for the head of the government that holds them down.

Hot & Cold’s album Conclusion/Introduction is out now on Night People.

Hot & Cold – Uighur Pop

June 27, 2011

The Daily Choice: Dirty Beaches – God Speed


DIRTY BEACHES “God Speed” from la station radar on Vimeo.

It feels like every Dirty Beaches song leans heavier on the distortion rife feeling of impending doom.  Call it proto-blues or psych-rockabilly this is Alex Zhang at his darkest, most unchecked, one cigarette and a shot of whiskey away from falling apart.

“God Speed” is one side of the a new split 12″ from La Station Radar/Atelier Ciseaux and Night People.  The other side features Ela Orleans and her bubbly, synthy pop.  The split is out now.

December 18, 2009

The Daily Choice: Dirty Beaches – Low Rider


It’s almost the end of the year, and I’m struggling to put together a list of my top favorite, er, things, so instead all of my posts from now until then will be in list form.  Take that list-o-mania!   I subvert you.  Bend to my will!

This Dirty Beaches album is on cassette.  I don’t have a cassette player but I do have means to all the ends of the whole musical universe.  Here’s why I like Dirty Beaches “Low Rider”:

1.  The vocals feel as if Jim Morrison and Ian Curtis got stuck in a transporter got all of their end bits spliced together and ended up in someone’s dirty basement with only a microphone, a tape deck, and some auxiliary percussion to keep them company.

2.  I could almost say this music sounds tropical but then you’d probably think of bongo drums, howler monkeys and white sand beaches.  That’s not this.  This is tropical in terms of the back alleys of Manila.  It’s hot and you want a pineapple coolie, but all you can find is exposed electrical wires and heaps of garbage.

3.  So, Jim and Ian are hanging out in a trash-scattered back alley, sweating and smoking a lot.  You’d think, “this doesn’t sound like an enjoyable experience.”  You’d think that and then let this Night People released cassette spill out of your eighth grade boombox, and you close your eyes, and you feel a tingly warmth spread through out your ears, and with it comes the sudden strange realization that Club Med is for septuagenarians and you’d rather be stepping over feces and heroin needles while Dirty Beaches ricocheted off the concrete.

Dirty Beaches – Low Rider

September 1, 2009

The Daily Choice: Dunebuggy – Money Honey


Let me get this out of the way first: I love Raven Sings The Blues.  It is currently my favorite operating website and thus a lot of the singles that I post on this site stumble in from under that writer’s massive wings.  I will not feel bad about this.  Just make sure, in all of your internet tubin’ that you spend a good few hours perusing his sight, it will make you who love the music, oh so happy.

Dunebuggy sounds like standing in a wind tunnel, but instead of gale-force blusters knocking your raggedy ass around, there’s a trio of electronic gypsy people tornadoing around you.  You’re a bit scared at first (will they take your change? or you going to lose any limbs?) but then it sinks in, they just want to sing you a song, a harmonic tropical storm of a ditty.  So just sit back, and let a big wind-blown smile spread across your face.

Dunebuggy – Money Honey