May 11, 2011

The Daily Choice: The Black Lips – Modern Art


I have been worried about the new release from The Black Lips for a while now, for a few reasons:

1.  The Black Lips aren’t your personal lo-fi obsession anymore.  They’re big.  They play at big venues.  They have legions of fans who wear Black Lips t-shirts and make out with their teenage girlfriends to their favorite cuts off of Good Bad Not Evil. And with great success, especially for a punk band, comes the pressure to warp your music so it fits on to the more palatable menu of the modern music fan.

2.  Enter Mark Ronson, best known for his exceptional collaboration with possibly dead Amy Winehouse.  Ronson blew my mind with his Winehouse work and then quickly jettisoned all credibility with his shit-house album of gag-inducing house rip offs.  I laughed when I heard The Black Lips were partnering with him for their new album because I thought it was a joke.  I sweat nervously now because it is not.

I won’t even revel my opinion of the new Black Lips track.  I’ll leave this as an open thread for you to discuss the future of The Black Lips and what this track means for their upcoming album.  I gritting my teeth trying to not say anything.

Arabia Mountain drops on June 7th on Vice.

The Black Lips – Modern Art