December 1, 2011

The Daily Choice: Tijuana Panthers – Creature


I’ll be honest: the crest of 60s and 70s vintage rock ‘n’ roll has peaked early for me and I’m struggling, pretty hard, to still find interest in the cluster of bands aping curly haired hits of decades long gone.  Not to say there isn’t bands that I love (and my end of the year list will be littered with them) but for me, croony vocals and 1960s doo-wop revival is on the rocks.  That said, Tijuana Panthers do it for me.  It’s a light little ditty of a song with the type of hip-shaking guitar riff so popular these days, but the vocals, with their clashing pitches and sweet, sweet melody reigns me in, gives me a reason to stick around until a guitar solo pops up in the 7th inning and locks it down for me.

Tijuana Panthers album Max Baker can be picked up at their Bandcamp page.

They’re playing at the SHE’s record release show at Bottom Of The Hill with Melted Toys.

Tijuana Panthers – Creature