October 24, 2011

The Daily Choice: The Strange Boys – Me and You


The Strange Boys have been a Daily Choice favorite since I first heard Ryan Sambol’s strained holler three years ago.  I’d missed their thrashy punk stage, but had caught on in time to here them turn in to a rollicking rock ‘n’ roll band pitched out obscurity by Sambol’s powerful stage presence.  I love this band and thus it’s hard for me to process the drastic shift in style Sambol and crew have shifted towards on their new album Live Music.  Gone are the the speedy blues riffs and tinges of garage, replaced by a soft, sweet bit of classic rock.  Even Sambol’s voice seems to have been plied with honey, it’s Blonde on Blonde scratch replaced by the dulcet tones of Nashville Skyline. For my easily spooked musical capacity it’s a big jump, and quite honestly, I don’t know what I think of it yet.

Live Music is out tomorrow October 25th on Rough Trade.

The Strange Boys – Me and You