October 20, 2010

City Arts Festival Preview: Night One


Blue Scholars ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Yes it’s that time again boys and girls. It’s festival time! Time to put the face paint on, run the trusty silver flask through the dishwasher and go buy a bottle of aspirin. Not for you silly goose. The mild pain relief is for your checking account and not your own aches and pains. How do I know you’re poor? You read this blog. Rich people don’t read this blog. If you’re rich, may I suggest you buy advertising on this website. It’s almost 2011, you can never have enough self promotion.

City Arts Festival is brand spanking new. I mean that literally, this is the first year that it has taken place. The festival circuit is a dogfight for concert promoters. Scheduling the festival in itself is an almost impossible feat. Then you have you to get notable, diverse acts that will separate your festival the dozens of others that seem to pop up every year. We haven’t even gotten to the point of hiring vendors or working with local venues. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I just woke up and I need a nap.

What I’m really trying to say is, this festival might be executed perfectly or it might go down in a blaze of infamy like the Hindenberg. While City Arts Festival features more than just musical performances at your disposal, here at Sound on the Sound music is all we care about.  Keeping with that theme and my complicated contractual obligations, music is the only thing my hands are at liberty to discuss with you. Without further adieu….

Tonight — Wednesday October 20th

I know I’m running late to the party but in the day and age of the “smartphone”, it’s never too late to write a preview. As per usual you’re about to bossed around by technology. Where do you want to be tonight? You’ve got options: