March 16, 2010

The Daily Choice: Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar – Suno vidis


Robert A.A. Lowe has a healthy bit of credibility behind his name: keyboardist for TV on the Radio; guru-like figure in OM; drone maestro as Lichens.  Yet, it’s in this collaboration with Rose Lazar that I find the most enjoyment.  As if drawn from a New Age video game, one where your pixelated avatar might strive for self-enlightenment and not air-bobbing coins, Lowe and Lazar’s music is an exercise in restraint.  Each note, each tiny synth artfully tweaked and tangled with the soft pregnant silence that hangs at the edges.  I find myself, when the music hovers in the air around me, to be calmer, the anxiety of the day less present, immersed in a sort of electro-synth aromatherapy.

Eclipses is out now on Thrill Jockey.  Purchase it HERE.

Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose LazarSuno vidis

Source: Raven Sings The Blues