September 5, 2011

Bumbershooting: It’s A Lifestyle, Baby (Part Three)


Phantogram ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

We’re into the final stretch

Fly Moon Royalty (12:45pm Fisher Green Stage) – Fly Moon Royalty took a 12-gauge shotgun, place  it to the side of my left temple and pulled the trigger when they played the Yoga Studio at Doe Bay Music Festival a couple of weeks ago. There were so many good sets (some planned, some impromptu) that took place over the course of that long beautiful weekend, but it is my opinion that Fly Moon Royalty played the best one. I was losing my mind to some of those pop hooks and off-beat key patterns. I fully suspect this band will take off over the next calendar year. Get to know them now so you can maximize those scenester points amongst your friends. Curtains For You (1:30pm Level Three Stage) -The only band playing Bumbershoot this year that was compared to “wearing a suit with argyle socks” (I’m not even kidding, check the festival website). “Classic harmony-laden pop” may never go out of style but it can be boring as shit. Curtains For You craft together unique compositions for people that tend to “shoe-fly-don’t bother me” pop music. This town is full of harmonies, most are not worth paying attention to, Curtains For You deserve your consideration.

Big Boi (3pm Mainstage) – Daddy Fat Sax, it’s an honor to have you here. Although, I’d be a much happier campier if the “Gemini” to your “Aquarius” were here as well.

Lemolo (4:30pm on Level Three Stage) – Oh deep sigh as I drink my morning coffee, flutter my girlish eyelashes and lookout my bedroom window on a Monday morning that happens to be a national holiday. I love like am “in-like” with this band. You see their videos on this website all the time. I want to lavish Lemolo with compliment upon compliment but I’m working on a tight deadline (Jersey Shore is also on in the background, destroying my brain cells and my vocabulary simultaneously).

Ravenna Woods (7:3opm Level Three Stage) – If a doom metal band used Downy to get those tough stains out, they’d be Ravenna Woods.

Fitz and the Tantrums (7:45pm Main Stage) – If you can dance, you should be here. If you can’t dance, get the fuck out you should be here. “Moneygrabber” is the single of the millennium. In fact, I heard from a reliable news source that this will be the official anthem of the 2012 Presidential Election.

Phantogram (8:30pm Fountain Lawn Stage) – Don’t ever confuse Phantogram with Phospherescent, they are vastly different. In case you are wondering, I prefer Phantogram.

Hall and Oates (9:15pm Main Stage) – Also known as “The Most Anticipated Set of Bumbershoot 2011.”

September 1, 2011

My Most Played: August 2011


Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” (Not keen on the video, or her in the video rather, but the number of times I played this song this month is embarrassing) Gem Club – “TwinsLemolo – “On Again, Off Again” and “Fort Warden” Dolorean – “Don’t Leave Town” Boyfriends – s/t 7” Keaton Henson – Metaphors 7” Cumulus – s/t EP Carissa’s Wierd – “Meredith and Iris” Wild Ones – “You’re A Winner” Aquairum Drunkard – Clifton’s Corner mixes Damien Jurado – “The Loneliest Place I’ve Ever Been (Is In Your Arms)” Big Sur – “I’m Not Leaving” Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune Lowlands – “Give Me Love” Cataldo – Prison Boxing Richard Swift – Blanch Runderton Presents: “Smelly Iceburg”

Blanch Runderton Presents: “Smelly Iceburg” by Richard Swift

August 30, 2011

Lemolo: In Black and White [video]


On a crisp February morning we boarded the ferry bound for Poulsbo. A white winter sun broke through low-hanging fog, the smell of salt water and sea kelp filled our noses, the winter wind mussed up our hair. We stood on the deck, clutching hot, strong ferry coffee and looked in wonder at the city on the shore we were leaving behind and toward the expanse of Sound and islands that greeted us. To the ladies of Lemolo, who ride this ferry between gigs on the mainland and their quieter life, this is an every day journey, a routine. To us and the rest of the world, it is an adventure.

Once we made it to the Peninsula, we drove small, wooded, curvy roads with quaint names, the sea air still ever-present, huffing lung-fulls like addicts. According to the band, we would know we were close to our destination, the childhood home of Lemolo’s lead singer Meagan Grandall, when we reached Lemolo Drive. It was every bit as picture perfect as we imagined: coves strewn with drift-wood, the winter sun peeking through evergreen branches, an old gas station, long-closed with bold type-set on the awning, in all-caps: LEMOLO. We were very near.

Turning towards the Sound, we arrived in a small neighborhood of family homes, where Grandall grew-up and where Lemolo, the band, was born. Grandall and drummer Kendra Cox, stood like children, faces pressed against the windows awaiting our arrival, and ran to greet us like old friends. They grabbed gear from the car, chattered excitedly about us making it out to Poulsbo, pointed out the neighbors homes, the scenery, the little girl playing outside who was the inspiration to “Whale Song” with the pride of parents. On the kitchen table, a spread of hummus and veggies, crackers and fruit were carefully laid out, “Are you guys hungry?” they asked. We weren’t, that ferry coffee was burning holes in our stomach and we were giddy to get filming. The girls looked crest-fallen at our response before Kendra blurted out, “Someone, please just eat something … a carrot, anything. We’re starving.” Ever the gracious hostesses, the girls had been waiting hours, eyeing food ravenously waiting for us to take the first bite. On the walls there were family photos, prom pictures, baby photos … these are the glimpses of real life and real people off-stage that we are allowed to see when band’s welcome us into their homes and practice spaces.

Lemolo, a band now taking Seattle by storm with their sensual melancholy, practice in Grandall’s basement bedroom. It is neither sensual nor sad. The carpet is plush and beige. Photos from vacation hang beside gig posters. A brand new drum kit is placed next to an organ. Bay windows let the sun stream in and their songs stream out to the neighborhood. A bed pushed against the far wall. It is basic, a bedroom like any other bedroom, yet, this is where magic is made.

Sitting there on the plush carpet as the band banged barefoot through new songs “On Again Off Again” and “Fort Warden” you could still smell the sea air. Neighbors came and pressed their faces against the window, listening intently. There are no nasty notes here, just appreciation, because Poulsbo knew long before Seattle caught on, Lemolo is something is special.

This weekend Lemolo will take that ferry from Poulsbo to play the biggest shows of their lives: opening the Dave Matthews Caravan on Friday at the Gorge and playing Bumbershoot on Monday at 4:30 pm at the EMP Level 3.



Lemolo ::: photo by Dianna Potter



Lemolo ::: photo by Dianna Potter



Lemolo ::: photo by Dianna Potter



Lemolo ::: photo by Dianna Potter



Lemolo ::: photo by Josh Lovseth



Ferry Home ::: photo by Dianna Potter

p.s. Why if this is in a basement and in black and white just like the Pickwick video is this not “From the Basement?” Well, you see, it turns out there’s already a “From the Basement” and it’s a music series in the UK run by Nigel from Radiohead. We had no idea when we named the Pickwick video, so from here on out, these practice space videos will be called “In Black & White” not only because of the treatment of the video, but because we feel these sessions, shot in homes and practice spaces, show bands at their barest and most basic. Whatever the name, we hope you enjoy!

August 29, 2011

More Bumbershoot Side-Stage Action



The Head and The Heart at the Free Yr Radio Stage in 2010::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Music is happening all over Bumbershoot, even if it’s off the official schedule and stages. With the KEXP Music Lounge, End Sessions and Free Yr Radio stages, you have extra chances to see some of the best of Bumbershoot in smaller settings throughout the weekend. While all of KEXP’s Music Lounge performances are full, the just announced Free Yr Radio Stage has some awesome options for you to catch some of the most talented local bands playing the Fest and a few who aren’t. Last year we caught The Head and The Heart on this tiny stage and we’ll be back this year to catch Pickwick, Lemolo, Allen Stone and more. If you miss these small sets or the ones at the KEXP music lounge, don’t fret, both will be available as podcasts and archived streams on KEXP after the Fest is finished.

Saturday, September 3

Seapony (Free Yr Radio exclusive performance) – 11:45am Grand Hallway – 1:05pm Pickwick – 2:35pm Yuni in Taxco – 4:20pm Campfire OK – 6:05pm Scribes – 7:50pm

Sunday, September 4

Massy Ferguson – 11:45am Kaylee Cole – 1:05pm Allen Stone – 2:35pm SOL – 4:20pm The Lonely Forest – 6:05pm The Pharmacy (Free Yr Radio exclusive performance) – 7:50pm

Monday, September 5

Lemolo – 11:45am Lake – 1:05pm Ravenna Woods – 2:35pm Motopony – 4:20pm Quadron – 6:05pm TBD (Free Yr Radio exclusive performance) – 7:50pm

August 26, 2011

Abbey’s Bumbershoot Schedule and Three Scheduling Dilemmas Solved


Sharon Van Etten ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

It’s hard to believe that Bumbershoot is just next week. Heralding the end of Seattle summer, Bumbershoot 2011 seems to be coming just when summer decided to say “hi” and I’m nowhere near ready to part ways. But if I’m going to have to say farewell, at least I can do so after a festival full of favorites, local and national alike.

You can head to the Bumbershoot site to make your own schedule, but here’s what my personal schedule is going to look like next weekend and the three greatest scheduling dilemmas I faced, with handy resolution.

Pickwick ::: photo by Abbey Simmons


12:00 – Campfire OK (Fountain Lawn Stage) or Shabazz Palaces (KEXP’s Music Lounge) or Tomten (EMP Level 3 Stage) 1:30 – Craft Spells (Fountain Lawn) 2:15 – Champagne Champagne (Fisher Green Stage) 2:45 – Red Fang (Exhibition Hall Stage) 3:00 – Shelby Earl (EMP Level 3 Stage) 5:15 – Why Nerds? Why Old Timey? Why Now? (Words & Ideas Stage) 5:45 – Shabazz Palaces (Fisher Green Stage) 6:00 – Pickwick (EMP Level 3 Stage) or Beat Connection (EMP Decibel Stage) 6:45 – Vetiver (Fountain Lawn Stage) 7:30 – Little Dragon (Fisher Green Stage) 8:30 – Starfucker (Fountain Lawn Stage) 9:30 – Mavis Staples (Mural Amphitheater) 10:00 – Bumbershoot After Dark

The great debate of Saturday: Shabazz vs. Pickwick vs. Beat Connection:

Once you get over the existential debate as to how to start your Bumbershoot (Campfire OK vs. Shabazz Palaces in the KEXP Lounge vs. Tomten), the greatest scheduling dilemma on Saturday comes right around dinner time when you’ll have to choose between three of Seattle’s most buzzed about and beloved bands: Shabazz Palaces (5:45 at the Fisher Green), Pickwick (6:00pm at EMP Level 3 Stage) and Beat Connection (6:00, EMP Decibel Stage). Normally, I’d say catch the first 15 of Shabazz before bee-lining it to the EMP to have whatever dance party you most desire: soul or electro.

Unfortunately, if you want to catch any of Pickwick’s set in one of the smallest stages on the Bumbershoot grounds, you’re gonna have to get there early. So that’s what I recommend you do … if you can’t get in, you can head down stairs and still get your dance on with Beat Connection or head out the The Fisher Green and get elevated with Shabazz.


August 8, 2011

Doe Bay Fest: What Not To Miss Off the Main Stage


Otter Cove Stage ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

You’re already planning on catching most of the mainstage acts, you’re ready to party with Champagne Champagne, your “Hacienda hands” are ready for Pickwick, you’ve mastered the complex clap of The Maldives’ “By the Wind Sailor” and you can’t wait to sing along to “Rivers and Roads” with your best friends. But Doe Bay isn’t just about the headliners and there are a number of lesser known names you won’t want to miss.

Thursday: from 6pm till late, there’ll be an open mic in the Doe Bay Cafe featuring many of the artists performing over the weekend. If you’re a song-writer yourself, bring your guitar and sign up for a slot.


Sean Flinn (12:00-12:45, Otter Cove Stage) the first artist of Doe Bay 2011 will be Portland’s Sean Flinn, front man of the band Sean Flinn and the Royal We. Enjoy him while you’re checking in by the Cafe or getting your bearings at the Fest.

Tony Kevin Jr(1:00-1:45, Otter Cove Stage) due to illness, Goldfinch has had to cancel their appearance at Doe Bay, which is a huge bummer. However, it makes room for singer-song writer and Doe Bay open mic host Tony Kevin Jr. to perform officially. Tony’s a performer who can sing it to the rafters and with the natural amphitheater of the Bay, I suspect you’ll be able to follow his voice from Eastbound to Olga if you happen to arrive on the island during his set.

Damien Jurado (2:00-3:00pm, Otter Cove Stage): Jurado really needs no introduction, so this is just a reminder he’s not playing the main stage, he is not to be missed and you should plan your ferry and arrival time accordingly. If you make his set, you’ll be treated to some new songs that will be on his next record, like Reel to Reel:

Lemolo (10:15 – 11:00, Yoga Studio): Never again will you be able to see this band in such a small setting. If you don’t know Lemolo now, I feel confident you will very soon.

Frank Fairfield (10:15 – 11:00, Cafe Stage): If the Yoga Studio is full for Lemolo, and it will be, stop by the Cafe to see some world-class pickin’ by Saturday mainstage performer Frank Fairfield.

See Saturday and Sunday’s unmissable acts you might not know (more…)

August 2, 2011

My Most Played: July 2011


Dolorean ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Dolorean – The Unfazed (yes, again) Gardens & Villas/t Bryan John Appleby – Fire on the Vine Dillard & Clark – Through The Morning, Through The Night Richard Swift – “Broken Finger BluesStrong Killingss/t Shenandoah Davis – The Company We Keep Case StudiesThe World is Just a Shape to Fill the Night Radiation CityThe Hands That Take You Wild OnesYou’re A Winner EP PDX Pop Now! 2011 Comp Charles Bradley – “Stay Away” (Nirvana cover) Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter – Marble Son Fly Moon Royalty – s/t Lemolo – “Letters” Pickwick – “Window Sill”

July 27, 2011

City Arts Fest Announces Line-Up: Robyn, Ryan Adams, Built to Spill & More



Robyn ::: photo by Josh Lovseth



City Arts Magazine has announced the line-up for their second annual City Arts Fest, held this October from the 20th to the 22nd, and once again they’ve shown an upstart music festival can compete with the big boys in terms of star power. Big name national and international acts include: Robyn, Built to Spill, Ozomotali, Blackalicious, Crystal Castles and Ryan Adams. And, much to our delight, City Arts has mined some of the best of the Northwest as openers and headliners on their own including: Pickwick, Allen Stone, Mudhoney, The Long Winters, Cataldo, Campfire OK, Fastbacks, Fences, Smokey Brights, Bryan John Appleby, Joseph Giant, Grand Hallway, Lemolo and more.

And it’s not just music, there’s lots of local artists: poets, authors, dancers, filmmakers and more are featured. We’re especially excited to see our favorite local poet Kate Lebo on the schedule as well as a show billed as an All-Star Replacement tribute.

The full, day-by-day schedule is below. Tickets go on sale next Friday, August 5th and 3-day wrist bands are $69.

What show are you most excited for?

October 20

ROBYN w/ special guest tba CRYSTAL CASTLES w/ Picture Plane, Crypts, Nightmare Fortress THE LONG WINTERS w/ Campfire OK, Cobirds Unite, Cataldo THE FELICE BROTHERS w/ special guests tba ALLEN STONE w/ Fly Moon Royalty CULTURE CLUB: Washington Film Works Event and Happy Hour SEATEETH: Premiere performance from Seattle’s Jose Bold (John Osebold of “Awesome”) POGO w/ That 1 Guy, Daydream Vacation CULTURE CLUB : Visual Art HORDE and the HAREM w/special guests THE COPS w/ Birthday Suits, Strong Killings CULTURE CLUB: Celebrity Karaoke HEDWIG and the ANGRY INCH: Movie Sing Along SCHOOL of ROCK: Laser Grunge Show

See the rest of the line-up (more…)

July 11, 2011

The Head and The Heart Announce Headlining Tour



The Head and The Heart ::: photo by Abbey Simmons



After nearly a year of constant touring and supporting some big name bands like Death Cab for Cutie, My Morning Jacket, Iron and Wine and The Decemberists all over the world, The Head and The Heart will be heading out on their first headlining tour this Fall. While there are still dates to be announced, including hopefully a string of hometown dates, we know the band will be bringing Thao and the Get Down Stay Down as an opener for the entirety of tour, while local lovelies Lemolo will also open a few select dates. Makes sense, as The Head and The Heart are so smitten with Lemolo they’ve already had them open up a number of their local shows and took the time in a recent USA Today interview to shout out the Poulsbo duo, as well as Bryan John Appleby. (And if you’re interested in reading more HATH press, they’re on the cover of Billboard Magazine this month and this here blog even got a little mention.)

Here’s what The Head and The Heart’s headlining tour looks like so far, we’ll add dates as they are announced:

Tue 09/20/11 NEW ORLEANS, LA One Eyed Jacks Wed 09/21/11 ATLANTA, GA The Variety Playhouse Thu 09/22/11 CHAPEL HILL, NC Lincoln Theatre Fri 09/23/11 WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 Club Mon 09/26/11 BROOKLYN, NY Hall of Williamsburg Tue 09/27/11 NEW YORK, NY Bowery Ballroom Mon 10/03/11 GRAND RAPIDS, MI Calvin College Thu 10/06/11 MILWAUKEE, WI Turner Hall Fri 10/07/11 MADISON, WI The Majestic Sun 10/09/11 OMAHA, NE The Waiting Room Mon 10/10/11 DENVER, CO The Gothic Tue 10/18/11 EUGENE, OR WOW Hall Wed 10/19/11 PORTLAND, OR Crystal Ballroom Thu 10/20/11 VANCOUVER BC The Commodore Ballroom

June 15, 2011

The Collective Presents Round Three of The Best of the New



Surely, I’m not the only person who can’t believe 2011 is already halfway over and suddenly its June or that it’s time for the third round of The Collective’s Best of the New. If you’re not familiar with the Best of the New, it’s a free night curated by Artist Home Booking, The Collective and Sound on the Sound and it’s all about highlighting local musicians we believe in with our whole hearts and who we think you should know about right now. At the first showcases we were proud to present performers like Lemolo, Bryan John Appleby, Youth Rescue Mission, Land of Pines, Rockwell Powers and The Solvents.

And just like those previous showcases, we think you’ll be hearing a lot more from the artists we’re presenting tomorrow night:

Stephen Nielsen, Moya, Hannalee and Fort Union.

At Columbia City Theater – FREE / 8pm

We’ve already told you all about the dusty electric charms of singer-songwriter Stephen Nielsen a stand out from Sunday nights at Conor Byrne and Tuesday nights all over town. Moya is a brand new local indie rock band whose polished sound belies the fact tomorrow will be just their second show. Hannalee is SHIM’s Michael Harley singing like you’ve never seen before, harmonizing on sweet, traditional folk songs with his wife and Fidelia Schoolcraft. And headlining the evening will be Fort Union, the new project from Jace Krause and Jake Rohr of Friday Mile, Jake Hemming of Big Sur and other talented friends.

Here’s a look or a listen to all four acts:

Stephen Nielsen:

Kick You Out from John Elkin on Vimeo.


Moya by nimbus510


Fort Union: