February 14, 2012

Sweet Sounds from Hey Marseilles, Modest Mouse & Kaylee Cole for Valentine’s Day



Whether you’re celebrating with a sweetheart, you’re single and shaking your fist at the holiday or today’s just a Tuesday, I think we can all agree that free music and sweet-sad cover songs are a good thing. And thanks to Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a few to choose from. In honor of the holiday Hey Marseilles are offering a download of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End,” while Kaylee Cole breaks our hearts singing Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Valentine’s Day related or not, Suicide Squeeze is giving us all a gift with a free download of Modest Mouse / 764-HERO, a split that tempts me in the record bins constantly.

However you’re celebrating or avoiding or ignoring, we hope these make it happier.

Available for free download today at their Bandcamp

Modest Mouse / 764 – HERO “Whenever You See Fit”:

Available for free download today on Suicide Squeeze’s Bandcamp

Kaylee Cole covering Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”:

Kaylee Cole will be playing love songs with Matt Bishop (from Hey Marseilles) and Tim Wilson (from Ivan and Alyosha) at Columbia City Theater tonight.

February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day Mail Bag



Love makes us do crazy things

It’s the most wonderful marketable consumer-friendly romantic ”holiday” of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day! For those who didn’t want to hear that from me, I’m so sorry. Can I get you a moist toilette to sop up the salty streaks that are cascading down your face? Don’t you hate when your tear ducts don’t know how to behave? Stop being such a sad, bitter troll. Go to Hot Topic and buy yourself some novelty wristbands. I have been informed accessorizing heals all wounds.

Before I get to all my fake totally non-fiction, 100% legit, you-wrote-them-not-me mailbag, I need to ask the following questions. Gentle readers, how does your love life look? If it were one of the following celebrity choices, which one would you choose?

A) Are you Joe Perry during his days as a solo artist? (Hey man, The Joe Perry Project ruled. Don’t ask me to look you in the eyes and say that.) Tired of sharing the limelight with your formerly “awesome” spouse (who may or may not have had serious drug problems), you have decided to head down life’s highway without someone who’s instantly recognizable riding shotgun. Suddenly even your closest friends pretend not to know who you are. You might want to get Linda Perry (unrelated) to pen a song for you in order that your matters of the heart are quickly reconciled (Read – #1 Billboard hit single or a hot date on the town. Whatever works, baby).

B) Are you Al Davis (god rest his soul) the night before the 2007 NFL Draft? Pundits are telling you not to draft JaMarcus Russell just because he can throw a football 60+ yards while sitting down on a grassy field. You tell those talking heads to, “Go fly a fucking kite!” (You’re Al Davis, kite-flying was a joy when you were a small child circa 1821) That’s precisely why you’re investing an ungodly amount of money and your future on his professionalism… because of what Mr. Russell can do while sitting down. You’ve had success in the past (John Madden doesn’t have video games named after him if it weren’t for you), nobody that isn’t committed to excellence should tell you how to live your (love) life. You’re not “delusional” because you don’t remember archiving that word when you wrote the beginnings of the Oxford Dictionary in June of 1857.

C) You are Adele at the Grammys in 2012 and you are killing everything. You decided to take everyone else’s Grammy because you’re Adele and that’s what you do. By music industry standards you are Godzilla and everyone else is Godzuki (meaning their existence is limited to a Hanna-Barbara animated series that took place between 1978-1981). This year, not only are you a six-time Grammy award winner with nuclear breath an astonishing voice, but it has been scientifically confirmed that all women under the age of 30 love you.

D) You are Andy Dick. Nobody really remembers you besides that funny role you had on Just Shoot Me! Oh wait, that was David Spade. You are Andy Dick…and ehh….all you do is get arrested now…?

E) You are Kristen Bell and on the verge of becoming America’s Sweetheart my latest celebrity crush. I don’t even know who you are or what you do. Some might argue you’re an actress but I think you might be the inspiration behind the song “This Little Light of Mine.” One thing is for certain, you like sloths and that’s very ok with me.

To the mailbag!

Dear Phil,

I’m new to the city and I have nothing to do on Valentine’s evening? What should I do besides binge on romantic comedies and an entire season of Swamp People?

- I Love Swamp People

Dear Swamp People,

Normally I would just tell you to go to Earl’s and troll the hell out of unsuspecting undergraduates based on their ability to make questionable decisions. However, you are new to this part of the world. A sterling reputation isn’t something you can regain easily in this small town. Here are four legitimate options for your Valentine’s Day evening. May the trouble you get into never leave the confines of a bedroom or a jail cell.

A Black Lodge Prom – This isn’t a corsage! It’s an anarchistic floral arrangement under the guise of social customs impressed upon me by the powers that be! Duh. Ladies, I expect you to look marvelous as always. Gents, I want you to try and look nicer than the ladies! (As we should because we are less attractive and therefore have to work harder) Let us not forget that there are bands that will create the ambiance to your spiked-punch slow dance. Country Lips and Party Tribe Trolls are among the merrymakers. Your last chance for romance starts at 8:30pm.

Love Songs – This delightful soiree will take place at the Columbia City Theater. What’s going to be happen? Love Songs being performed by Kaylee Cole, Matt Bishop of Hey Marseilles and Tim Wilson of Ivan and Alyosha. What do you think the odds are of all these performers gathering together to close out the evening with Converge’s “The Saddest Day”? I heard the list of tunes is quite eclectic mind-melting. Love is a battlefield. Anything can happen. The potential for crying alone begins again at 7:30pm.

Valentine’s Against Violence – Spread adulation to those who need it most. I promise someone there will be someone impressed with the growth of your grinch heart. Side Saddle and others will be performing at The Sunset in Ballard. All the band’s proceeds will be donated to New Beginnings, a local shelter that provides service to battered women and their children. There will also be a raffle (who doesn’t love a good raffle?) of items from local Ballard shops and stores. Entry is $8. However, if bring one of the items on the New Beginnings wish list (check that out by clicking on the event name), it’s only $5. Are you ready to be altruistic and selfish all at the same time? The show starts at 9pm. 

Valentine’s Day BenefitThe Comet Tavern is hosting this benefit for the Jubilee Women’s Center on Capital Hill. Vox Mod, Lisa Dank , and Zephyrs. Grab a beer. Learn how your admission fee is positively impacting someone else’s life. Get your freak on to the funky tunes. Go home with a smile on your face. The process is set to begin at 9pm.

Read the rest of our love-filled Valentine’s Day Mail Bag (more…)

December 23, 2011

Our Favorite Photos of 2011: Kevin Large and Kaylee Cole



Kevin Large and Kaylee Cole ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

We love it when two of our favorite voices decide to join forces and make something beautiful and 2011 has been a pretty wonderful year for that. Robin Pecknold and Ed Droste. Damien Jurado singing with Pickwick. And most definitely, Kaylee Cole joining Kevin Large to sing his sad songs during Widower shows all year long. The two married their mournful tones again for a sweet, silly kitchen table Christmas Cover of Wham!’s “Last Christmas.”

We hope you and yours have the happiest of Holidays.

December 14, 2011

Kaylee Cole – Always Going Home EP



This’ll teach me to make an end of the year list before the end of the year. Just out today, Kaylee Cole’s Always Going Home EP features previously unreleased favorites which have been staples at Cole’s solo shows the last few years. In the new year Cole will introduce a whole new side to her and her songs with a Dave Sitek produced record that’s gonna get you dancing instead of crying into your drink. For now though, I’m just happy to have these songs for my own.

You can download the EP for $4 at Kaylee’s Bandcamp:

October 7, 2011

Sound on the Sound’s Reverb Fest Recommendations



Reverb is just our kind of music festival. Its purely local, its mostly about the little guys and with over 70 bands for just $15 ($10 for under 21′ers), it is the cheapest festival in town that isn’t free. Sure, there’s no international headliners, but the point of Reverb is to show we’ve got the goods right here. With bands playing nearly every crevice of Ballard Avenue, Seattle doesn’t need to fly anyone in for an awesome and diverse music festival to happen and you don’t need to spend $75 to enjoy one.

Reverb is this Saturday and we’ll be seeing some of our favorites from the past year and checking out bands we’ve loved recorded, live for the first time. Here’s what we’re hoping to catch and by majority vote, Sound on the Sound’s unmissable sets of the Fest.

Gold Leaves ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Abbey’s Reverb Schedule:

2:00-2:45 Kaylee Cole (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 2:30-3:15 Dyme Def (NY Fashion Academy) 4:00-4:45 Metal Chocolates (The Sunset) or Golden Blondes (Tracor Tavern) 4:30-5:15 Dude York (NY Fashion Academy) 5:00-5:45 Summer Babes (2 Bit Saloon) or Pony Time (5:30 to 6:15 at NY Fashion Academy) 6:00-6:45 Spurm (The Sunset) 7:00-7:45 Land of Pines (Salmon Bay Upstairs) or NightTrain (2 Bit) 8:30-9:15 Fly Moon Royalty (NY Fashion Academy) 9:00-9:45 Kelli Schaefer (Tracor Tavern) or Virgin Islands (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 9:30-10:15 Witch Gardens (NY Fashion Academy) or Sons of Warren Oates (Conor Byrne) 10:30-11:15 Pipsisewah (Conor Byrne) 11:00-11:45 Gold Leaves (Tractor Tavern) or Mash Hall (The Sunset) 12:00-12:45 depends on my mood, would be happy to end the night with any of the headliners - Grynch (The Sunset) / Grand Hallway (Tractor tavern) / Sandrider (2 Bit Saloon) / Cobirds Unite (Conor Byrne)

Abbey’s absolutely unmissable sets: Dude York (NY Fashion Academy at 4:30) and Gold Leaves (Tractor Tavern at 10:30)

Josh’s Reverb Schedule:

This weekend I’m favoring bands that I haven’t seen at all.

2:00 Kaylee Cole (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 2:30 Dyme Def (NY Fashion Academy) 3:00 Shaprece (The Sunset) 3:30 Neighbors (NY Fashion Academy) 4:00 Stephanie (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 4:30 Dude York (NY Fashion Academy) 5 Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (The Sunset) or Summer Babes (2 Bit Saloon) 5:30 Pony Time (NY Fashion Academy) 6:00 Cataldo (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 7:00 Land Of Pines (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 7:30 Mark Pickerel (Conor Byrne) 8:30 Fly Moon Royalty (NY Fashion Academy) 9:30 Witch Gardens (NY Fashion Academy) 10:00 Tomten (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 11:00 Gold Leaves (Tractor Tavern) 12:00 Sandrider (2 Bit Saloon)

Fly Moon Royalty

Kathleen’s Reverb Schedule:

2:00-2:45- Kaylee Cole (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 3:00-3:45- Red Jacket Mine 4:00-4:45- Golden Blondes (Tracor Tavern) 6:00-6:45- Cataldo (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 7:00-7:45- Land of Pines (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 8:00-8:45- Atomic Bride 8:30-9:15- Fly Moon Royalty (NY Fashion Academy) 9:00-9:45- Kelli Schaefer (Tracor Tavern) 9:30-10:15- Witch Gardens 11:00-11:45- Gold Leaves (Tracor Tavern) 12:00-12:45- Grand Hallway (Tracor Tavern)

Kelli Schaefer ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Phil’s hypothetical Reverb Schedule:

Ah, Reverb Festival presented to you by Seattle Weekly. In years’ past there have been excellent lineups chosen for your enjoyment and this year is no exception. Sadly, I’ve never made it to Reverb Festival. I always have other things going on (such as drinking pitchers of margaritas on the River Walk in San Antonio or watching an efficient use of metal detectors on Beale Street in Memphis). This year is no exception as I’ll be shooting guns and flirting with bridesmaids watching friends’ get married in New Mexico this weekend. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an entire weekend’s worth of music crammed into one day for the cheap price of $15. (Psssssst. Insider information: If you’re on the Seattle Weekly mailing list, you can get tickets for $7.)  Who knows, maybe you’ll catalog Saturday’s events and write a guest blog post about it (let’s not get carried away). This is what I would see if I were to stick around this weekend:

2:30pm Kaylee Cole at Salmon Bay Eagles (upstairs — all ages) 3:30pm Neighbors at the New York Fashion Academy (all ages) 4:00pm Metal Chocolates at the Sunset (21+) 5:00pmSummer Babes at the 2-Bit Saloon (21+) 6:00pm Spurm at the Sunset (21+) 7:00pm Don’t Talk to the Cops at the Tractor Tavern (21+) 8:30pm Fly Moon Royalty at the New York Fashion Academy (all ages) 9:00pm Kelli Schaefer at the Tractor Tarvern (21+) 10:00pm Curtains For You at the Tractor Tavern (21+) 11:00pm Mash Hall at the Sunset (21+) Midnight Sandrider at the 2-Bit Saloon (21+)

Land of Pines ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Based on 3 out of 4 writers recommending them, Sound on the Sound’s absolutely unmissable sets of Reverb are:

Kaylee Cole (2:30 at Salmon Bay Upstairs), Land of Pines (7:00pm at Salmon Bay Upstairs), Fly Moon Royalty (8:30pm at NY Fashion Academy), Kelli Schaefer (9:00pm at The Tractor), Witch Gardens (9:30 at NY Fashion Academy), Gold Leaves (11:00pm at The Tractor) and Sandrider (Midnight at the 2 Bit Saloon)

September 4, 2011

Bumbershooting: It’s A Lifestyle, Baby (Part Two)



::: Wiz Khalifa photo courtesy of Stupid Dope

Get ready for more jock riding.

Davila 666 (1pm Exhibition Hall) – Want a perfect way to start off the perfect day? You might want to catch Davila 666 in the Exhibition Hall. Bumbershoot has decided to do you a favor. By putting Davila 666 this early in the day they are encouraging you to imbibe all of the airplane-sized liquor bottles that you have smuggled in the pockets of your too tight jeans. If drinking is not enough for you to have a good time (you might want to go to rehab), I’m sure there will be some kind stranger with hallucinogens dancing in the audience. Twitter and/or a shady public service announcement by Davila 666 inquiring about drugs on your behalf are your best options. If all else fails, look for the kid with the face-paint dancing near the fountain once Davila 666 are done playing.

Mad Rad (2:15pm Fisher Green Stage) – If a festival happens in the middle of the forest and nobody is around, do you think Mad Rad would still bring the same charismatic energy that you are accustomed to seeing? My answer is hell yes. I want your blood.

No Means No (2:45pm Exhibition Hall Stage) – I’m not going to dig into the archives of history to tell you about this band, we don’t have enough time. Personally, No Means No was introduced to me at an age where I could not appropriately understand and appreciate them. Flash forward almost 15 years later, now I have a second chance to see why so many of my peers and “musical idols” (Idolize musicians? Hahahaha…) genuflect with veneration when in the presence of No Means No.

Thee Oh Sees (3:15pm Fountain Lawn Stage) – I can imagine Dexter stalking a serial killer to this song. That’s enough to garner interest from me.

Ages and Ages (4:30pm Level Three Stage) – How do you like your hand claps? Do you like them on bouncy choruses? Maybe you like them during grooving introductions? I like my hand claps wherever the fuck I please. On-cue, off-beat, during a eulogy, with my morning coffee, it does not fucking manner. I’m also into lederhosen and the occult. Winners of the “Most Unintentionally Scary Band Homepage Ever” award.

Kaylee Cole (6pm Level Three Stage) – The last time I saw Kaylee Cole was at Sasquatch when she was playing “Paranoid Android” with the Seattle Rock Orchestra. It will be nice to see her performing her own material (I heard the new stuff “is the jam.”) for the first time in a couple of months.

Warpaint (6:45pm Fountain Lawn Stage) – I’ve seen Warpaint before. Like many of you I found them to be incredibly dreamy their music inspired similar feelings to that of getting lost while staring at a painting of a starry night. Hokey romanticism aside, I also thought they were incredibly boring. In recent months their songs have continued to grow on me despite my half-hearted reluctance. Here at Sound on the Sound we’re all about unnecessary snark well-deserved second chances. Maybe this will be my favorite set of the weekend.

Wiz Khalifa (9:30pm Main Stage) – You know what it is, everything I do, I do it big. Admittedly, I’ve only heard half of “Black and Yellow” one time at a place I can no longer remember. However, I am familiar with other Khalifa “joints” and am looking forward to “getting loose” with the rest of you later on tonight.

September 1, 2011

Three Unmissable Local Sets, For All Three Days of Bumbershoot



Bumbershoot Crowd ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

When I was working on my “Five Things You Can’t Miss at Bumbershoot” posts, I noticed something strange. Save Red Fang, not a single band I recommend was local to the Pacific Northwest. And that’s not because there aren’t some great local bands playing this years Bumbershoot, there are scads of them. The Fest did a solid job booking Seattle and Portland bands I want to see from hip hop to heavy, from beats to banjos. But, for the most part they’re all bands I’ve seen before and all bands you can see again as soon as the Bumbershoot blackout dates pass. Which means while I’m not anticipating them quite as much as my Top 5 acts, you better believe I’ll be there in the front row for lots of local acts. Here’s three Pacific Northwest bands for all three days of the festival, you shouldn’t miss.


Champagne Champagne ::: photo by Josh Lovseth


Champagne Champagne (2:15 on the Fisher Green)

Red Fang (2:45 in the Exhibition Hall)

Pickwick (6:00 at EMP Level Three)

Probably don’t want to miss either: Craft Spells (1:30 on the Fountain Lawn)


The Lonely Forest ::: photo by Josh Lovseth


The Lonely Forest (1:30 on the Mainstage)

Kaylee Cole (6:00 at EMP Level 3)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (8:00 on the Mainstage)

Probably don’t want to miss either: Allen Stone (7:30 on the EMP Level 3)


Lemolo ::: photo by Josh Lovseth


Fly Moon Royalty (12:45 on the Fisher Green)

Lemolo (4:30 at EMP Level 3)

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside (9:00 at EMP Level 3)

Probably don’t want to miss either: My Goodness (2:00 in the Exhibition Hall)

August 29, 2011

More Bumbershoot Side-Stage Action



The Head and The Heart at the Free Yr Radio Stage in 2010::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Music is happening all over Bumbershoot, even if it’s off the official schedule and stages. With the KEXP Music Lounge, End Sessions and Free Yr Radio stages, you have extra chances to see some of the best of Bumbershoot in smaller settings throughout the weekend. While all of KEXP’s Music Lounge performances are full, the just announced Free Yr Radio Stage has some awesome options for you to catch some of the most talented local bands playing the Fest and a few who aren’t. Last year we caught The Head and The Heart on this tiny stage and we’ll be back this year to catch Pickwick, Lemolo, Allen Stone and more. If you miss these small sets or the ones at the KEXP music lounge, don’t fret, both will be available as podcasts and archived streams on KEXP after the Fest is finished.

Saturday, September 3

Seapony (Free Yr Radio exclusive performance) – 11:45am Grand Hallway – 1:05pm Pickwick – 2:35pm Yuni in Taxco – 4:20pm Campfire OK – 6:05pm Scribes – 7:50pm

Sunday, September 4

Massy Ferguson – 11:45am Kaylee Cole – 1:05pm Allen Stone – 2:35pm SOL – 4:20pm The Lonely Forest – 6:05pm The Pharmacy (Free Yr Radio exclusive performance) – 7:50pm

Monday, September 5

Lemolo – 11:45am Lake – 1:05pm Ravenna Woods – 2:35pm Motopony – 4:20pm Quadron – 6:05pm TBD (Free Yr Radio exclusive performance) – 7:50pm

July 15, 2011

Reverb Fest Announces Its Stellar Local Line-Up


The Lonely H at ReverbFest 2009 ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

There was a time when local music festival season lasted from Sasquatch to Bumbershoot, a strictly spring and summer affair. But that time is no more. With two of our city’s print publications now hosting music festivals during October, festival season is just about all year long (with a quick winter break). But with a line-ups like Reverb Fest and City Arts Fest we’re not complaining.

Last night, the Seattle Weekly announced the 2011 line-up for Reverb Fest, their all-local, Ballard-based music fest. It features over 60 bands, including a bunch of Sound on the Sound favorites and some locals we’ve been meaning to catch but haven’t had the chance yet. Focused on the best new and current local offerings, Reverb is a diverse snap shot of what’s happening in Seattle.

Here’s who’ll be playing Reverb Fest this year, October 8th, all over Ballard Avenue. We’ve highlighted who we’re most excited to see, which to Reverb’s credit, is about half of the list.


June 1, 2011

Sasquatch Day Two in Photos


Sleigh Bells at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

It appears that we have collectively left our brains somewhere East of the mountains and while we’re awaiting their return from Ellensburg, we thought it was time we shared some daily photos from Sasquatch.

You can see all of our photos from Day Two on our Flickr, but here’s a peek. We’ll have more detailed commentary on our favorite sets of Day Two shortly.

Seattle Rock Orchestra at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Seattle Rock Orchestra at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

The Globes at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

The Globes Fans at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

The Head and The Heart at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Aloe Blacc at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Local Natives at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Local Natives Fans at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Dan Mangan at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Dan Mangan at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Sharon Van Etten at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Jenny and Jonny at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Wye Oak at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

J Mascis at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

The Thermals at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

The Antlers at Sasquatch ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

Bright Eyes at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Robyn at Sasquatch ::: photo by Josh Lovseth