December 13, 2011

The Doe Bay Sessions: Sera Cahoone (Bonus Session)



Sera Cahoone with Jeff Fielder ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

I’m so glad to see this recording see the light of day because it highlights Sera Cahoone cohort Jeff Fielder’s ongoing contribution on dobro. I can honestly think of no greater purpose than for him to compliment Cahoone’s still nationally unheralded voice and songwriting. Her talent deserves his level of accompaniment, and his talent deserves a person of her quality to work with. To hear Fielder with Cahoone is to wonder why there aren’t more dobro’s kicking around in popular music. And to wonder why Cahoone isn’t a nationally renowned voice yet.



If you watched this and immediately thought of Jerry Douglas, you weren’t the only one. And that says it all.

December 29th Cahoone, along with Fielder and a few other friends are headlining the Tractor Tavern for $12. Sons of Warren Oats and Jackrabbit are in support. Get Tickets for $12 + fees online or with no fees at Sonic Boom Records.

September 7, 2011

The Doe Bay Sessions: Sera Cahoone




Sera Cahoone ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Sera Cahoone was the first artist we asked to shoot a Doe Bay Session this year, so it only seems fitting she’s the first we share with you.

We approached Sera bashfully about shooting with us. You see, we happen to think she has the prettiest voice of anyone singing in Seattle today and have felt that way for years and years. Long before banjo was en vogue in Ballard, Sera was singing along as Jeff Fielder strummed, delicate songs, sad songs, songs that quiver and swell with an alluring mix of self-consciousness and confidence.

We asked Sera about shooting like a shy suitor, explaining in detail what the sessions were, what our intentions were, and our long held devotion to her songs. We were ecstatic when Sera emailed us back instantly to say she’d love to shoot a session and that last Fall, when she was on tour with the band, they gathered round the computer every Tuesday to watch the latest Session and that they helped the drive go faster. We sat in awe for a moment that someone we loved so fiercely, also loved something we had created.

When it came time to shoot Sera and Jeff on Saturday afternoon, the sun streamed perfectly through mossy branches and a small crowd gathered to watch. We all sat silently, smitten as ever, as Jeff and Sera exchanged smiles and harmonies, graciously bowing to the crowd after each take and regaling us with tales of last fall’s tour and watching the sessions. It was exactly as we had planned, only so much better.

You can see Sera next Friday September 16th at the Neptune as she performs as part of the Bourbon & Broads event. Celebrating National Bourbon Hertiage month, Sera will be playing with a full band (including Jeff Fielder) and other lovely ladies such as Betsy Olson, Maggie Bjorklund, Alessandra Rose, Shelby Earl and Side Saddle will be taking the stage.