September 15, 2010

We Presented a Night of Rock in Columbia City


Hobosexual ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Baltic Cousins ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Hounds of the Wild Hunt ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth


September 8, 2010

Win Tickets to See Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual and Baltic Cousins This Friday!





Hope you’ve recovered from Bumbershoot by Friday, because you’re going to need your strength for the heavy night of local rock that we’ve got planned. With sets from Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual and Baltic Cousins, it is a night to celebrate the bounty of the past and the future. Comprised of bands made from “the ashes” of some of Sound on the Sound’s early favorites: the Whore Moans, Vindaloo, Black Eyes & Neckties, Iceage Cobra and The Russians we’ll be rocking out with our roots and throwing horns to the future of local rock.


And we definitely want you to be there.


To celebrate the rebirth of some of our favorite bands and local performers, we’re giving away two pairs of tickets to see Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual and Baltic Cousins at Columbia City Theater this Friday. Leave a comment on this post (using your real email address) and we’ll pick two winners Thursday at 12pm.


If you don’t win tickets Thursday, you can pre-purchase them at Brown Paper Tickets or purchase them the night of the show for $8.

September 3, 2010

A Week From Today … And Brand New Songs from Hounds of The Wild Hunt



A holy fucking moment indeed. Not only will The Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual and Baltic Cousins take the stage next Friday in a bill from the ashes of our dearly departed favorite bands. As of right now we also have four brand new songs from the re-named Hounds of the Wild Hunt to listen to. And we like ‘em, they find the band pushing their limits. There’s a little bit more of a retro throwback sound going on and the songs are more theatrical, but there is still plenty of what we loved most about the Whore Moans.


Hounds of the Wild Hunt (Whore Moans) @ CCT from Columbia City Theater on Vimeo.

You can pre-purchase tickets for what is sure to be a raucous night of rock’n'roll here. And you want to, Hobosexual has something special up their sleeves which we’ll tell you all about next week.

August 25, 2010

Celebrate and Support Seattle’s DIY Scene at This Weekend’s Carousel Fest



We here at Sound on the Sound tread on the side of extreme caution when it comes to sharing events at one of Seattle’s many active DIY houses and venues, because we remember the consequences of loose lips and the anti-Stranger stencils that were spray-painted all over Capitol Hill. Plus, we still miss the sweaty hell out of the Atlas and the long-gone basements of too many DIY spaces to mention. We don’t keep DIY shows off the calendars because we don’t want them to succeed, on the contrary, we do it because we want them to be around for years to come.

This week, we’re making an exception to our extreme cautiousness to share the good news about The Carousel Festival, an annual three day festival held at some of Seattle’s finest DIY venues. Carousel boasts a a line-up composed of some of Seattle’s best including: Wild Orchid Children, Ravenna Woods, Cold Lake Hounds of the Wild Hunt, The Redwood Plan, Shenandoah Davis and Mongrel Blood and the festival runs from Friday to Sunday. Just $20 purchases a 3-day pass and the profits go to supporting Seattle’s All-Ages Movement and The Lambert House. Great shows for a great cause, all to celebrate an invaluable part of the Seattle music scene … what more could you ask for? We hope to see you in a Seattle basement, art gallery, loft-space or kick ass internet radio station Headquarters this weekend.

August 22, 2010

The Hounds of the Wild Hunt at Columbia City Theater



Grand Opening 7/3/10 -The Whore Moans from Columbia City Theater on Vimeo.

We don’t give a fuck what they call themselves, we love Jason, Jonny, Ryan and Nikki. This video, filmed after the Whore Moans final show at Columbia City Theater shows us about a hundred of the reasons why we do. Here we recap a few of the most important reasons:

1. They slay on stage. 2. They are hilarious. “Did you hear that Stranger Bloggers?” 3. They describe playing Columbia City Theater like “doing a supermodel and finding out she’s not stuck up.” 4. They are still Seattle’s finest screamers. 5. They are doing their part to keep their promise of making sure Columbia City Theater remains an awesome rock venue for a hundred years to come, by taking the stage again on September 10th for a Sound on the Sound Presents show. 6. They are better every time we see them and we’ve seen them more than probably any other local band. We are positive this will be true in their new incarnation as well.

Hope to see you September 10th when Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual and Baltic Cousins play a “Bill from the Ashes” at Columbia City Theater. You can pre-purchase your tickets HERE.

August 17, 2010

Sound on the Sound Presents … A Bill From The Ashes





Come September 10th we’ll be celebrating the new incarnations of some of our favorite disbanded bands at Columbia City Theater. Taking the stage will be The Hounds of the Wild Hunt (formerly the Whore Moans), Hobosexual (featuring members of Vindaloo and Iceage Cobra) and Baltic Cousins (featuring members of Black Eyes & Neckties and The Russians). Bring your ear plugs, because it’s going to be a loud night of rock’n'roll you won’t want to miss.

Pre-Purchase Tickets HERE RSVP for the Event on Facebook

Much thanks to Bradley Lockhart for another gorgeous poster. You can share your appreciation for Brad’s work when he takes the stage as the frontman for Baltic Cousins.

August 5, 2010

Sound on the Sound Presents: A Bill From the Ashes of Our Favorite Bands



Ben Harwood of Hobosexual ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

When we started the blog we never considered the heart break we’d feel, multiple times a year, when our favorite bands decided to part ways and stop playing music together. But then again, we never realized the excitement we’d feel when the members of those dearly departed bands started new projects to fall in love with. Our September Sound on the Sound presents bill at Columbia City Theater seeks to celebrate some of our favorite new bands birthed out of the demise of some of our favorite former local bands: The Whore Moans, Vindaloo, Black Eyes & Neckties and Iceage Cobra.

On September 10th Sound on the Sound is pleased to present: Baltic Cousins (featuring members of BENT and Russians) Hobosexual (featuring members of Vindaloo and Iceage Cobra) Hounds of the Wild Hunt (formerly known as The Whore Moans)

You can purchase tickets for $8 via Brown Paper Tickets!


Baltic Cousins ::: photo by Abbey Simmons


The Whore Moans ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

July 17, 2010

The Whore Moans Were Exciting to the Finish


The Whore Moans and friends ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Where I’m going down, Everybody’s going down! – “Wall of a Song” by The Whore Moans

People are just fickle. We’re social creatures but by default we’re superficially social, relying on mostly obvious cues as to how to handle a situation. Unfortunately for the Whore Moans, the name “The Whore Moans” did them no favors, giving bookers and showgoers an excuse to mis-judge the seriousness of their intent and effort, and the worthiness of their rock. The name certainly communicated their irreverant attitudes, but getting booked to play with bands who inevitably have names that are only sometimes clever variations on a theme (think Butt Plumbers or Dirty Sanchez), and it starts to just become a tired state of affairs right quick. In truth, and in spite of a maybe distasteful name, for a time I took the position that Seattle was still a rock town only because of bands like the Whore Moans.

For that reason I’m glad that it’s only the name coming to an end, and the band will continue on under a more serious moniker. The choice of Columbia City Theater for both their final show as the Whore Moans and first show as Hounds of the Wild Hunt might be seen as curious with their history as a band as likely to play a dive as anywhere else, but isn’t curious at all when considering they’re hungry to transition to a place where they might emerge from that circuit. The choice of such a splendid venue is a statement of their renewed commitment to taking the band off the ground in a new way.

I’m all for that idea, and those in the audience for the Whore Moans final gig as the Whore Moans, were obviously in full support as well. It was unclear what songs will make the transition with the band to their new name, so more than a few of us were treating the moment as if they really were playing our favorite songs for the last time. To me it was a “greatest hits” set, and even though most of those “hits” may have been only labeled as such in my head, few bands (and probably no other local band) could boast a full set of such songs. The final song being the now rarely played “I Disappear” felt right, but that couldn’t be the end. The crowd would not allow it. Appropriate, if in a different way, “Wall of a Song” would end up being the last song of the encore, a hand-clapping hearty sing-along that filled the stage with friends choosing fist pumps over tears. In some ways the band’s best friends are shadow members of the band, always there to bring the energy up in the crowd and bring people into it, so that they took to the stage also felt right in closing. As to whether the placement of that song last is some indication of where the Hounds of the Wild Hunt are headed, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. While hoping the answer is a big fat whopping YES.

The set list for their last show was:

White Noise Holy Fucking Moment I say Blood Three Times Here Comes America The Headstone Stomp X-Ray Eyes Nerve Tonic Dead Mans Drink Rockets and Knots The Judas Goat Fingers and Martyrs (listed on set list as Save Yourself) I Disappear


Wizard Rock 5250 Blur Wall of A Song

The Whore Moans ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

The Whore Moans ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

The Whore Moans ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

The Whore Moans ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

The Last Whore Moans Photo ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

Flickr: The Whore Moans Last Show at the Columbia City Theater

June 8, 2010

See the Whore Moans One Last Time


The Whore Moans ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

The Whore Moans are dead, long live Hounds of the Wild Hunt.

Here’s the press release we just got from Seattle’s favorite screamers about their final show as the Whore Moans and their plans to continue on under a new moniker.

After much debate and much deliberation Ryan Devlin, Jonny Henningson, Nikki O Anderson, and Jason Kilgore have decided to finally put The Whore Moans’ name to rest. This decision was not easily made, but is due to a general feeling within the group that the current moniker does not accurately reflect its members’ mentality, motivations, or the music that they are currently creating.

However, far from throwing in the towel, the quartet is picking up a new title and starting in on a new project, Hounds of the Wild Hunt. They have plans to go into the studio this summer and tour Europe in the fall.

The Whore Moans’ last show will be held on July 3rd, 2010 at the grand opening of the Columbia City Theater. Performing with them will be Lesbian and Chinese. Come pay your final respects and see the Whore Moans one last time.

You can see the Whore Moans one final time on July 3rd for Free as part of the Columbia City Theater Grand Re-Opening.