August 10, 2010

Doe Bay Fest Recommendations From a Doe Bay Veteran


The Moondoggies at Doe Bay 2009 ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

We’ve been counting down the days to this year’s Doe Bay Fest since the moment we drove off the Doe Bay Resort property early one sunny morning last August. Now that the fest is finally here, we’re having a seriously difficult time focusing on anything not Doe Bay related.

Since we’re veterans of the festival, we wanted to share some tips with those of you lucky enough to be joining us for some Island time.

Getting There:

Be sure to plan ahead in regards to the ferries. Ferries will fill up during summer months, especially on weekends and most especially when there are music festivals happening. Arrive in Anacortes at least an hour before your ferry is scheduled to leave, lest the boat fills up. If you are going to walk on the ferry, realize that Doe Bay is on the opposite side of the island from Olga/the ferry dock and you’ll have to figure out a ride across the island to the festival.

Our recommended Doe Bay Schedule:

Friday August 13th

If you arrive before 4 — explore the grounds, set up your tent and check out Mike McCarthy & Tito Ramsey on the Patio Stage.

4:00-4:45 – Shelby Earl (Patio Stage) 5:00-5:45 – Jake Hemming (Patio Stage) – catch 15 or 20 minutes, before running to … 5:15-6:00 – Black Whales (Main Stage) 6:15-7:00 – Fences (Main Stage) 7:20-8:30 – Portland Cello Project with Special Guests (Main Stage) 8:45-9:45 – Hey Marseilles (Main Stage) 10:15-11:00 – Ravenna Woods (Yoga Studio) or also at 10:15 Tomo Nakyama and Drew Victor (Cafe Stage) 11:15-12:00 – The Head and The Heart (Yoga Studio)

Saturday August 14th

We know you partied last night around the bonfire, but wake up early and have breakfast at the Cafe. You’ll be serenaded by the songs of Kimo Muraki (10:00) and Ivan & Alyosha (11:00).

Even with a raging hangover there is no acceptable excuse to miss:

12:00-12:45 – Kaylee Cole (Patio Stage) 1:05-1:45 – Zoe Muth and Her Lost High Rollers (Main Stage) 2:00-2:45 – Shenandoah Davis (Patio Stage) — catch 25 minutes of Shenandoah then run up to 2:10-2:55 – Curtains for You (Main Stage) 3:15-4:00 – Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives (Main Stage) 4:20-4:55 – Grand Hallway (Main Stage) 5:15-6:15 – The Maldives (Main Stage) 6:40-8:00 – Grand Archives (Main Stage) 8:30 -10:00 – Fruit Bats (Main Stage) 10:15-11:00 – Kelli Schaefer (Yoga Studio) 11:15-12:00 – THEESastisfaction (Yoga Studio)

And some non-schedule recommendations from Doe Bay veterans:

Remember to bring flashlights to get around the grounds when the sun goes down, sunscreen for when the sun is up (the forecast is for sunny and 70s all weekend), water bottles, cash for the Cafe, Doe Bay Store and visiting food trucks, a sweatshirt or layers when it cools down in the evening, a garbage bag to pack out your trash, and a blanket to sit on for the main stage shows. Also don’t forget your quiet voice, Doe Bay Fest can only happen if the neighbors surrounding the festival grounds are happy … so there are quiet hours after 10pm.

May 17, 2010

What a Week of Local Shows We Have Ahead of Us!


Magic Mountains ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Sometimes, it feels like a week of local line-ups were made just for me, but  few have ever felt more so than this coming week of wall-to-wall wonderful local line-ups.  There are always great shows happening in Seattle, but this week is extraordinary.

Here’s what I recommend you check out and the shows you’ll most certainly be seeing us in the front row for.

Wednesday May 19th

Whalebones, (( Low Hums )) , Hard Drugs – The Comet Blunt Mechanic, SHiPs, Nature’s Bandit (who you know by another name) – The Crocodile

Thursday May 20th

The Moondoggies, Grand Hallway, Magic Mountains – Neumo’s Grand Archives, See Me River, S  – The Tractor What What Now, The Magic Mirrors – Blue Moon Green Apple Quick Step – The Crocodile

Friday May 21st

BARE: An A capallea Evening with The Moondoggies, Maldives, Grand Hallway Goldfinch & More – Fremont Abbey KEXP’s Hood-to-Hood with Damien Jurado, The Lights, Erik Blood – All Over West Seattle, All-day Hey Marseilles, Ravenna Woods – Vera Project Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives – The Loft at Urban Grace (Tacoma) Head Like a Kite, Thee Emergency – Neumo’s

Saturday May 22nd

Hey Marseilles, The Head and The Heart – The Tractor Curtains For You, The Hoarde and The Harem – The Crocodile School of Rock Presents: Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett – Vera Project

January 2, 2009

Sound on the Sound’s Top 25 Northwest Albums of 2008



  Here it is folks, the end all and be all…our Top 25 Northwest Albums of 2008. While numbers 6 through 25 were highly contentious, there was unanimity as to the Top 5 Northwest Albums of 2008 and their order. There’s no doubt in our minds, that no band deserves the accolades more than The Moondoggies. Their album Don’t Be A Stranger is an instant classic in the vein of Music from Big Pink. We expect 2009 to be even bigger than 2008 for The Moondoggies, and we can’t wait to see what comes next from them, as well as the other great bands that made this years list.

1. The Moondoggies – Don’t Be A Stranger |myspace| 2. J. Tillman – Vacilando Territory Blues |myspace| 3. Wild Orchid Children – S/T EP |myspace| 4. The Dutchess and The Duke – She’s The Dutchess, He’s The Duke |myspace| 5. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - S/T LP  |myspace| 6. Fleet Foxes – S/T LP |myspace| 7. See Me River – Time Machine |myspace| 8. Whore Moans – Hello From the Radio Wasteland |myspace| 9. Starfucker – S/T LP |myspace| 10. Jake One – White Van Music |myspace| 11. Blind Pilot  – 3 Rounds and a Sound |myspace| 12. Thee Emergency – SOLID |myspace| 12. Sera Cahoone – Only As The Day Is Long |myspace|  13. Horse Feathers – House with No Home |myspace| 14. The Pica Beats  – Bring Back the Claws |myspace| 15. Throw Me the Statue – Moonbeams |myspace| 16. Das Llamas – Class Wars: K-12 |myspace| 17. The Builders and The Butchers – S/T LP (re-released nationally 7/08) |myspace| 18. Saturday Knights – Mingle |myspace| 19. The New Faces – S/T LP |myspace| 20. Damien Jurado – Caught In Trees |myspace| 21. Bark Hide and Horn – National Road |myspace| 22. Grand Archives – S/T LP |myspace| 23. Hey Marseilles – To Travels & Trunks |myspace| 24. The Hands – S/T LP  |myspace| 25. A Gun That Shoots Knives – Future of Love  |myspace|

December 12, 2008

The Daily Choice: The Weekend Edition


Ah sweet Friday rolls around again and I’m tired of the work week and ready to dig on in to inexpensive whiskey and a healthy dollop of live music.  I’m sure you feel the same, so I’ll get right to the goods:


KEXP Yuletide Benefit w/ Grand Archives, Shearwater, & Dutchess and The Duke @ Neumos

I’m not going to be attending this show, as I’ll be heading out on Saturday night to see Thao and crew.  But, if you can’t make it to Saturday, I’d recommend coming out for this.  I’ve seen Grand Archives too many times (don’t ask) to be able to clearly state my opinion on them, but know this, they’re a sunny bunch of bastards on stage.  Dutchess and The Duke (a favorite of mine this year) put on one of the most inconsistent live shows I’ve ever seen, but there’s something truly charming about the duo (trio on stage).  Shearwater is a black hole about which I know nothing about.

Police Teeth @ The Comet

For some reason, I blame Reverb Fest’s schedule, Police Teeth and Team Gina are paired in my mind.  And yes I know, Team Gina plays hilarious girl-rap and Police Teeth play deconstructed punk rock, but they’re stuck there, holding hands like schoolyard lovers in my mind.  Thus, when I saw they were playing at my favorite shithole The Comet, I thought, “Damn, Noah, you should recommend this shit.”  So I am.

The Whoremoans @ Chop Suey

The new Whoremoans album is realllllyyyy good.  And they’ve always been known to melt minds with their live show, so I say, guh-guh-go!


KEXP Yuletide Benefit w/ Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Shearwater, and Cancer Rising @ Neumos

Thao, sweet sweet Thao, how I love your live performance.  Your silly little comments, your sheer bad-assness, I’m sorry I didn’t come out to see you when you played with Rachel Yamagata and some other lady, I thought the estrogen cloud floating over the crowd might have grown me boobs.  But don’t you worry Thao, I’ve got a ticket to Saturday night, and I don’t care what kind of chemical cloud is floating over Neumos, I’ll be there.

Mos Def @ The Moore

Mos Def hasn’t put out a listenable album in like five years but I don’t care, he’s still the most loveable of underground rap icons.  Blackstar pretty much, for better or worst, birthed my love of hip-hop and if I could afford the high price for this show I’d be in the front row pumping my fist and screaming like a gangster school girl.


Holy Ghost Revival, The Pharmacy, and Wild Orchid Children @ Neumos

I like local music, I do really.  And this show, according to the good folk at a paper I believe is called “The Stranger” claim that Holy Ghost Revival and The Pharmacy are former Seattle locals back from sojourns in various parts of the world.  Hell, this “The Stranger” even hints that Harry Potter himself might have a thingy for the Holy Ghost Revival … that must mean they’re good … … nonetheless, The Pharmacy (back from Nah Or’leans) will rock your ugly face of and Wild Orchid Children seemingly are unable to stop touring ever.  It’s Sunday night so I’ll probably be asleep in my highball by like seven thirty.

Enjoy your weekend.  Just remember some hookers are only pretending they’re girls!

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Geography

December 7, 2008

Win Tickets to KEXP’s Annual Yule Benefit


Thanks to our friends over at KEXP, we’re happy to be offering a big old ticket give-away to next weekend’s KEXP Yule Benefit Concert. If you’ve been hiding under a rock or for some strange reason don’t listen to KEXP, we’ll share the good news with you.

Next Friday Decemebr 12th KEXP’s Yule Benefit is rocking Neumo’s with three stellar bands: Grand Archives, Shearwater, and Sound on the Sound favorites The Dutchess and The Duke.

The Dutchess and The Duke ::: photo by Abbey

On Saturday December 13th KEXP is keeping the holiday party going with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Shearwater, and Cancer Rising.

 Cancer Rising ::: photo by Abbey

Sound on the Sound has One Pair of Tickets to give away for Friday Night’s Show and Two Pairs of Tickets for Saturday’s stellar show

Comment on this post and tell us which night you want to attend and why you deserve this holiday treat. We’ll let the lucky winners know by the end of Tuesday December 9th.

Get to commenting and we hope to see you there next weekend, dear readers–celebrating KEXP, local music, and the holidays.

May 23, 2008

Friday Distractions


Something to make your Friday go a little easier.

A new Decemberists Song called “Zoot” makes an appearance at the Showbox…

… and Band of Horses have a new video for “No One’s Gonna Love You.”

If you’ve got a bit of time, you can watch Mudhoney’s pretty good in-store at Easy Street from last Tuesday courtesy of SyncLive.


Grand Archives visited Daytrotter yesterday. Mason Jennings did on Tuesday.

February 18, 2008

Best Tuesday Yet This Year


Cover for Throw Me the Statue’s Moonbeams

Here’s a few things I’m excited about that are happening tommorow, February 19, 2008…

KEXP Live in-studios

Catfish Haven @ 10:00am

The Hands @ 12:00pm

Grand Archives @ 3:00pm

St. Vincent @ 5:00pm

Listen live at


Grand Archives live in-store at 7pm at the Ballard Sonic Boom Records (also playing two shows on Wednesday at the Triple Door with Sera Cahoone)

Catfish Haven, Redwalls, Junkmail at the Nectar Lounge

St. Vincent, Foreign Born at Neumos

New Album Releases

The HandsThe Hands LP (playing February 29 with the Whore Moans at Neumos)

Grand ArchivesThe Grand Archives LP

Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride (playing Saturday at Neumos)

Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundKay Kay and His Weathered Underground

Throw Me the Statue - Moonbeams

New DVD Releases

Kurt Cobain: About a Son

Burn to Shine, Vol. 5: Seattle, WA 01.27.07

February 4, 2008

San Francisco Noise Pop Announces its Final Line Up


I was hoping to make it down to this festival, but having committed to SXSW I’m not going to be able to. The announcement of the final line up makes missing The 16th San Francisco Noise Pop Festival, an even more bitter pill to swallow. In addition to the headliner previously announced (Mountain Goats, Cursive, Magnetic Fields) the festival will also feature: M. Ward / Zooey Deschanel, White Denim,  The Rosebuds, Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Quasi, Fuck, The Walkmen, Broken West, The Dodos,  Throw Me The Statue, Grand Archives, The Builders and The Butchers, Stellastarr, Birdmonster, Human Giant, Film School, Helio Sequence,  Mstrkrft, Working for a Nuclear Free City, Great Northern, What Made Miluakee Famous, & Tilly and the Wall.

What a line up! It’s espescially exciting to see local bands like Fleet Foxes, The Builders and The Butchers (PDX), Grand Archives, and Throw Me the Statues on the line ups. The festival runs from February 26th – March 2nd at various venues around San Francisco.

January 4, 2008

Northwest Music News this week


Seattle’s newest music venue: King Cobra. Set to open sometime in January in the old Sugar nightclub space next to the Comet, they promise all kinds of music offerings for their 475 person capacity venue. See the complete details at Lineout. With the demise of the Croc, 10th and Pike is the place to be.

Three Imaginary Girls Best of the Northwest 2007 poll results are in. They’ve got a couple lists to compare: the Editors Picks and the Readers Poll. I see many people (smartly) agree with me about the Cave Singers and Menomena being top ten albums this year. They also bring us the Easy Street Records Best of 2007 list, picked by the record store employees themselves.

Grand Archives release a few new songs and new album details. A new pair of cheerier songs are up on their myspace. Their new album is self-titled and will be released on Sub Pop on February 19. Complete details at pfork. Their playing at the Triple Door on February 20. Buy tickets here.

You can now go to Laser Radiohead at Seattle Center. Rock.

June 4, 2007

A Hot Night with Menomena


Menomena, Grand Archives, All Smiles Neumos, Seattle June 1, 2007

Menomena, joined by Grand Archives and All Smiles, kicked off their late Spring tour at Neumos on Friday night to a packed crowd and an oppressively hot room. I’d been looking forward to this lineup for some time after having missed Grand Archives open for Modest Mouse a month ago (damn you early start times!) and also being totally blown away by Menomena’s last visit to Seattle at the Crocodile.

all smiles - neumos

For opening act All Smiles, the solo project of Grandaddy member (and former Modest Mouse guitarist) Jim Fairchild, the venue had yet to fill, so the black walled room was a bearable situation. Hot, but just so. Fairchild spent equal time on the keys as on the acoustic guitar for his short half hour set, and delivered an earnest performance of songs from his latest album “Ten Readings of a Warning.”

all smiles - neumos

I’ve been trying to put my finger on what I hear in that album, and after the live performance I kept coming back to John Lennon. Listening to the album, I hear contemporary British rock influences in the finish and production, but live, the lyrics and delivery spoke Lennon to me from the first song. Whether that is entirely accurate, I’m not sure, but that I what I came away with.

grand archives - neumos

Grand Archives was up next. This band is a joint project of Fruit Bats and Ghost Stories guitarist Ron Lewis and Matt Brooke formerly of Band of Horses and Carissa’s Wierd. By the time they had arrived on stage, the room had filled up and become a virtual sauna. Foreheads were shining and members of the audience looked longingly at the security guard to open the outer doors for just one more minute of relief. But once the band started playing though, the heat was forgotten, and we were transported into an indie-rock neverland.