February 29, 2012

The Curious Mystery Tour Kicks Off at the Josephine



The Curious Mystery are having their tour kickoff show this Saturday night at the Josephine.

If you haven’t heard of the Curious Mystery, I suggest you click on their name. You already take short-cuts in other aspects of your life, why not take “the easy way out” when you’re munching on a croissant and reading your favorite music blog. If you don’t mind (and of course, you don’t) let me suggest that you listen to the track “Nicaragua” when you have a few moments. I’ve never been to Nicaragua, and since I only have enough gas money to get me to Tukwila, anything that inspires landscapes unseen from the prison cell that is my bedroom is more than welcome. “Night Ride Reeling” also has some unsettling, unexpected chord changes that might perturb you delight me with each passing listen. If you go to the show on Saturday, you’ll have the chance to pickup two new Curious Mystery seven inches courtesy of K Records. With the purchase of each record comes the glowing feeling that you’re supporting a band who is about to go on tour. Isn’t that fantastic?

Know what else is fantastic?

Heatwarmer. There’s nobody in this town like them, literally. They are a kaleidoscope of jazz and classical music. I use that phrasing for the following reasons:

1) I get tired of telling you gentle readers how vastly underrated this band is. I’m hoping by refusing to use the aforementioned term, I will successfully bait your appreciation into making them the next big thing. Then we can talk about them being overrated (this is impossible).

2) Listen to Heatwarmer and close your eyes. I don’t know about you but all I’m seeing is vivid, imaginative colors. The only thing I’ve put in my body today is over-priced coffee and a muffin. I’m not making this up. This is what happens when classical music and jazz are mandated by certain legislative bodies to legally marry.

I haven’t heard many songs by the Diminished Men. As I listen to selected tracks from Shadow Instrumentals in the corner of the public library, I can’t help but think that this band of renegades create surf music for people who are about to die. If real life had a Final Destination feel to our final moments on Earth, Diminished Men would be involved in roughly 19% of all the last breaths taken. That’s a relatively high number considering how many bands exist on this planet and how many people die each and every day. Veritable grim reaper status, can it get any better? Gibraltar are “the new kids on the block.” Literally. I can’t even find music by them (So I went to page two of Google, sue me.). If they were like NKOTB, I’d be cool with that…

The show starts at 9pm. Which I guess is the “Rock n’ Roll” time equivalent of 8:30.