August 6, 2010

The Daily Choice: Gabor Szabo – Comin’ Back


I used to work for Light In The Attic and a lot of amazing things (including The Daily Choice and my association with the very wonderful folk at Sound on the Sound) came from it.  It’s been a while now since our paths have parted but the love I have for the fine folk who run this label still flows fervently through my veins.  Emotional asides aside, the taste makers behind Light In The Attic also have some of the most refined taste in reissues working today.  Every album they release is worth at least a listen, a liner note read through, and then another listen, because there’s gold behind all of it, sometimes you just have to let it sit for a moment.

That is not the case with their newest reissue of Gabor Szabo’s Jazz Raga.  A bizarre mish-mash of jazz and sitar and psych and the sort of cosmic space sound that ran rampant through the time.  It is beautiful and haunting and compelling and strange in a way that only multiple listens can truly impress upon a listener.  A year ago when the higher ups told me that Gabor Szabo would be on our slate for the following year I worried, unknowing of what to expect when someone used the words sitar and jazz in the same sentence.  My fervent listening of the album has produced two lessons: Gabor Szabo is the man and never question Light In The Attic, they’ll always steer you right.

Gabor Szabo – Comin’ Back

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