February 6, 2011

The Best of The New Two — More Than Just a Rhyming Name


Land of Pines ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

When you name an event, especially something as grand as the promise of presenting “the best of the new,” you always worry that’ll only be just a name. But when it comes to The Collective’s quarterly free music showcase highlighting some of the best up-and-coming bands from the Pacific Northwest, we’re happy to say its much more than a name. It’s a promise we’ve been able to keep.

Our first Collective showcase in October featured Lemolo, Bryan John Appleby, Youth Rescue Mission, Elk and Boar, Kimo Muraki and Luke Stevens. Names you’ve been hearing a lot more about since the show and will continue to in 2011. For the second Collective showcase we narrowed it down to one band per Collective member and a one band we all agreed upon: Land of Pines, Rockwell, Powers, Dyslexic and the Solvents.

Just as it was for much of the audience, this was a night of new music for us. We’d only ever seen the Solvents once and that was four years ago at the Blue Moon. And just as we hope will happen for folks who come out to these showcases, we definitely found some new favorite local bands. Every single band this night proved on stage they were deserving of the label “the best of the new.”

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January 20, 2011

The Collective Presents: The Best of the New II




Ready to discover some of your favorite bands of 2011? Ready to do it for free? You’re in luck! Its almost time for The Collective’s (Sound on the Sound / Artist Home Booking / The Warehouse) second Best of the New showcase at Columbia City Theater.

Our first Best of the New showcase in October helped introduce Seattle to some of its most talked about artists of the moment: Lemolo, Bryan John Appleby and Youth Rescue Mission. And we think you’ll be just as taken with the new bands we’re showcasing next Saturday January 29th: The Solvents (from Port Townsend, WA), Rockwell Powers (from Tacoma), Dyslexic and Land of Pines (from Seattle). Its going to be a diverse night of some of the best up and coming artists in the Northwest and we hope you’ll join us.