December 7, 2012

A Sound on the Sound Premiere: Lemolo – “Letters”


For a musician, getting to a show (and doing so on time) is always some sort of adventure … even if you’re just driving from the hotel down the street. But when it comes to the ladies of Lemolo, their route to shows is not only an adventure, but a beautiful one. It consists of forested roads hugging the crooked curves of the Peninsula, ferry boat rides with the Sound churning below, sailing into a picturesque vista and, of course, a car crammed full of gear like a masterful game of Tetris.

The dreamy duo’s brand new video for “Letters,” one of our favorite songs of 2012, shows the band’s journey from their sleepy hometown of Poulsbo to their sold out show at The Triple Door this fall. Shot by local photographer and videographer Dylan Priest, “Letters” shows a beautifully intimate peek into a day in the life of Lemolo and we’re proud to be premiering it here on Sound on the Sound.

Lemolo will be making that same picturesque journey in just a few short hours as they travel from Poulsbo to The Paramount where they’ll be opening for Allen Stone tonight.

July 15, 2011

Driving the 5 with Campfire OK – Day Two


Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

After a packed show with Pickwick in Bellingham, Campfire OK made a quick pit-stop back home for a show at Neumos with Gold Leaves and Grand Hallway. Dylan was there to snap some behind the scene and show shots.

Stay tuned today, we’ll have photos from Campfire’s Portland pit stop and another Van Session for you!

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Bryan John Appleby Polaroid ::: photo by Dylan Priest

See more photos from Day Two on our Flickr

July 14, 2011

Driving the 5 and a Van Session with Campfire OK


Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Last year we sent local photographer and videographer Dylan Priest on tour with The Head and The Heart, Kelli Schaefer and Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives to get a behind the scenes look at life on the road and to film some impromptu videos. Last month Dylan packed his bags and hit the road with Campfire OK on a quick “tour” to Bellingham and Portland.

We’re happy to share photos from Dylan’s first day on the road with Campfire OK and one of two Van Sessions. Check back tomorrow to see another video and more photos from his adventure!

A Van Session with Campfire OK from Dylan Priest on Vimeo.

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Pickwick and Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

Campfire OK ::: photo by Dylan Priest

See lots more photos from Dylan’s time with Campfire OK on our Flickr

April 27, 2011

Get To Know “Notes From Home” with a little help from Damien Jurado and John Vanderslice


Notes From Home – Damien Jurado/John Vanderslice (Preview) from Notes From Home on Vimeo.

Part of what we love most about living in Seattle today is the wealth of creative individuals we share our city with. Not just musicians, but photographers, videographers, poets, painters, dancers, actors. Seattle is brimming with active, passionate creators.

Notes From Home is a new multi-media website and house show concert series curated by Ty Kalberg (Doe Bay Sessions videographer), Dylan Priest (Van Session videographer) and Zach Varnell (Tacoma sound-engineer). Together, they’ve hosted three extraordinary house shows bringing bands like Damien Jurado, John Vanderslice, The Head and The Heart, Drew Grow and Joshua Morrison to local living rooms for nights none of the attendees or performers will soon forget, even if there wasn’t video or audio proof. And there is … and as the teaser trailer featuring February’s Tacoma house concert with Damien Jurado and John Vanderslice shows, the proof is pretty beautiful.

You can expect lots more from Notes From Home soon, including video and audio from all three of their past shows and new house shows on the horizon. The only way to know about Notes From Home upcoming shows is to sign up for their mailing list and to follow them on Twitter. And when those announcements are made, buy your tickets quickly. These are intimate affairs (50 guests or less) and as lucky attendees to the first few, we assure you as awesome as they look (and sound) on video, it’s even better in the flesh.

Congrats to Ty, Dylan and Zach on their newly launched project, we’re excited to see what’s next. And for those of you readers outside of Seattle, you just may have a chance to see Damien Jurado and John Vanderslice perform together in the coming weeks, albeit not in a living room. The duo start a national tour tonight at the Hi-Dive Denver, Colorado.

February 15, 2011

Kelli Schaefer – “Better Idea” [video]


Kelli Schaefer – Better Idea (Live at Ripcord Studio) from amigo amiga on Vimeo.

Each experience I’ve had with Portland’s Kelli Schaefer has been different and notable in it’s own regard. As a whole, taken from over the period of not even a year, they reveal an artist in the process of realizing her possibilities. Often in the company of the Pastors’ Wives whom she lives and collaborates with, in truth the voice is the true focus of her performance. Her naked emotion so tangible as to have a melody of it’s own, an ebb and flow with grace notes and themes that somehow communicate heartbreak deeper than anything a guitar, or even an orchestra, might ever be capable of.

The invite-only night to Ripcord Studios in Vancouver B.C. captured above and attended by Kickstarter supporters and supporters otherwise to the making of Kelli Schaefer’s first full-length Ghost of the Beast, was in my mind a defining experience in so many ways, and more than that, a moment I will never forget. Defining for the prospect of models like Kickstarter for musicians with relatively small but fervent fan bases, and also for the notion that Schaefer could be defined at all. Usually shying away from the acoustic guitar, she made use of her mother’s classical guitar for most of the set, bringing the focus to her vocals and that bare expression. She set the guitar aside as her drummer and Amigo/Amiga honcho Jeremiah Hayden sat in on piano, and the unrestrained performance of “Better Idea” wasn’t simply the latest case of my arm hair standing on end. For those in the room, “intense” and “heart-rending” are only the two most immediate adjectives to come to mind. “Jaw-dropping” was the active verb in the room. And maybe some jaw quivering.

As you can see for yourself in the latest production by Tyler Kalberg and Dylan Priest and Amigo/Amiga, this night, this moment, was confirmation that Schaefer is truly in a class of her own.

Kelli Schaefer celebrates the release of Ghost of the Beast – February 25th at Columbia City Theater. Buy your tickets HERE.

February 1, 2011

Why You Should Support Your Favorite Artists Via Kickstarter


Because if you did, you, like me and 39 other donors, would have had a chance to witness this magnificent performance live.

We drove six hours round-trip in biblical rains to Vancouver, WA for five songs with Kelli Schaefer and as you can see, it was absolutely worth it.

Captured by Sound on the Sound’s own Tyler Kalberg and Dylan Priest, there will be two more videos from this sincerely spine-tingling session before Schaefer celebrates her vinyl release February 25th at Columbia City Theater with Joseph Giants and Ships. We’ll be there in the crowd, proud to know we’ve played some small role in helping it all happen.

January 13, 2011

A Portrait By Dylan Priest



Sound on the Sound Portrait ::: by Dylan Priest

A couple weeks ago Josh and I had a rare opportunity to step on the other side of the camera and have a proper Sound on the Sound portrait taken by local photographer and videographer Dylan Priest. Dylan came to Sound on the Sound Headquarters (i.e. Abbey’s living room/office), we put on some local vinyl as a soundtrack, we had a few beers and Dylan did the impossible: he tamed our beastly black cats, Gus and Marley. This is such a feat alone, we had to share the photo with you.

November 26, 2010

Driving The 5 with Kelli Schaefer and Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives: Day Four


Coffee Run ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Its the final day of tour and we have the rare opportunity to sleep in. Thanks to hospitable friends in Sacramento, we had a (hardwood) floor to sleep on and a breakfast of cheese pizza and chicken quesadillas. After a quick stop of coffee and to say goodbye to our hosts, we’ll be making the 10 hour drive back to Portland. Everyone is happy with the past few days of the tour; the shows have been fun and many new fans have been made.

As we drive up the 5, we fill out Mad Libs with the worse possible things we can think of, always getting a good laugh. Unfortunately for us, a bad head wind is keeping our van around 50mph and we haven’t made it very far and our 10 hour trip is getting longer by the minute. We decide to entertain ourselves and take advantage of the long drive by filming some video sessions in the van. It turns out that a group sing along is just what we needed. It sounds amazing as I sit in the passenger seat and record. We make another stop in Redding,CA for the sacred final In-n-Out burger and continue our drive. We have plans to meet up with Wild Flag along the way since they are traveling south as we head north. Tonight they will be playing in the Hub and we hope for their sakes that they brought their own microphones. We try out a new function on Drew’s phone where we can track each others’ progress with Google maps. Touring bands: trying this out — it’s a great way to keep up with other touring bands that may be along the same route.

400 miles till Portland. Driving time lends itself to a few moments of peace for the touring musician. Being forced to do nothing but drive or read can be nice. Getting home will mean more shows, more work, and more meeting with people and planning for the next thing. By the time the sun is setting over mountains, most of us are already asleep.

This may be the end of both Kelli and Drew’s tour but it doesn’t mean they will be slowing down. Drew will begin tracking a new record in January and Kelli’s first full length album will be out in February.

As we roll back into Portland, the rain begins to fall again. It’s after midnight and most of the members of the bands have to work in the morning. This has been only a weekend of tour for me, and my very first, but I’m exhausted. Exhausted and happy. Tour life is not always glamorous but it sure can be fun.

See all of Dylan’s photo for the final day of tour on our Flickr!

Sleeping In ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Kris Doty ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Seth in the Leaves ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Tour Delirium ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Loading Up ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Back Scratch ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Van Session ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Rest Stop Phone Call ::: photo by Dylan Preist

Check Out All of “Driving the 5″ with Kelli Schaefer and Drew Grow:

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Kelli Schaefer Van Session Video Drew Grow & the Pastors Wives Van Session Video

November 25, 2010

Driving the 5: Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives Van Session


  Somewhere outside Sacaramento on the way back to Portland, Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives perform “Spider.”

To say that we are thankful for the band allowing us to capture it or to share themselves and their van with us or for you being here to watch it, would be a vast understatement. Happy Thanksgiving you all!

A Van Session with Drew Grow and The Pastors’ Wives from Dylan Priest on Vimeo.

November 25, 2010

Driving The 5 with Kelli Schaefer and Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives: Day Three


Set List Improvisation ::: by Dylan Priest

We head out of Portland at about 7am for the 10 or so hour drive to Sacramento for a single show. You read that right, one show. Kelli and Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives will be playing what could be a glorified house party on a Sunday night. Now that’s dedication. The motto here is: don’t cancel as many shows as you can. You are out on the road to sell records and make new fans.

We leave the band’s house to pick up the last member of the motley crew that is The Pastors’ Wives, Seth Schraper, who is the only one in the band with his own place (and is married). He will also be the first driver of the day, which means a stop at the nearest gas station for a very large can of Redbull. Life on the road seems to consist of the worst diet you can imagine, mostly because the bands are poor and healthy food costs money. “How long can I make this five dollars last?” Drew asks me. This drive being so long, it will possibly take all of the money they expect to make off the door at tonight’s show to pay for the gas. The band’s merch sales go into making more merch or buying food on the road.

Most of the drive to Sacramento is spent sleeping in shifts, because we already know: today is going to be a very long day. And its the last night of Kelli and Drew’s tour. They want to be ready and give the best performances they can, because what’s the point of a 20hr+ round trip if you half-ass the set? As we drive along, Drew talks about upcoming shows and trips and the thought of more time on the road all seems overwhelming to me. The band has just confirmed that they will be heading down to SXSW next year. This will be the first time to SXSW for all of them. But before that, Kelli has a bunch of upcoming shows in Portland and Seattle, and so does Drew and the Pastors’ Wives, including an opening spot for the Maldives and the Moondoggies at their annual Christmas party at the Showbox. Through exhausted eyes, it is clearer than ever: these people work very hard for what they love.

We roll into California after hours of driving through rain and fog. We are welcomed by warmth, sunshine, and In-n-Out burgers—definitely the best place to stop for a late afternoon lunch once inside the California border. We finally arrive in Sacramento and locate the “venue” they are playing, which is a place called “The Hub.” It’s not much bigger than someone’s garage and looks like one too. When you’re touring, you never know what you’re going to get. The Hub has low ceilings, low lighting, a 3$ cover charge and a $1 fee for a lifetime membership to the club. Since this is not a licensed venue, the people who attend shows have to become “members.” With a concrete floor and Xmas lights, walls covered in blankets, and a questionable P.A. system, the Hub is the perfect “underground” punk rock club. And, as it turns out, one hell of a place to see these two bands play.

The place is mostly filled for Kelli’s set. People stand close and bob and weave to the music. As is usual for the last three nights, the crowd is so silent during her set that you could hear a pin drop. People seem to be very happy that we drove the ten hours. Drew’s set is as powerful as it always is, with heartfelt stories and bring-the-house-down rock. Both sets, however, are plagued with problems from the P.A. system. Even though it’s not the best sound quality of the trip, these guys play their hearts out anyway. By the end, we are all exhausted and sweaty from the show. We head out to a local taco stand for a very late dinner. Tomorrow we will just turn around and drive the 10 hours back to Portland.

See all 29 photos from Day Three of Tour on our Flickr

Kelli <3 ::: by Dylan Priest

Cloudy ::: by Dylan Priest

Rest Stop ::: by Dylan Priest

Driving ::: by Dylan Priest

Drew Grow ::: by Dylan Priest

Kelli Schaefer at The Hub ::: by Dylan Priest

Fire ::: by Dylan Priest