July 6, 2010

Three Daily Choice Favorites at The Crocodile Tonight!



Tonight is a rare triple Daily Choice approved bill at The Crocodile. Each and every band on the stacked bill: Chain and the Gang, Turbo Fruits and Golden Triangle should be familiar favorites for regular Daily Choice readers.

Here’s what Noah had to say about each of the bands, with a link back to the original post, where you can either download a track by the artist or watch a video.

Golden Triangle (Daily Choice: February 18, 2010)

“This is sexy, throbbing garage. This is music you lay your lover down on a weather-beaten leather couch you found on the streets of Baltimore with, your hand all up on the torn holes of their leather jacket, the holes in their torn jeans providing just the right space. This is romance with spit dripping from its chin. ”

Turbo Fruits (Daily Choice: October 7, 2009)

“Be My Own Pet was like being at your high school prom on speed – all torn cuffs and frayed party dresses. Turbo Fruits is like the after party at your friends house – all keg beer, concrete slabs and cheerleaders horfing in the rhododendrons.”

Chain and the Gang (Daily Choice: May 28, 2009)

“Ian Svenonius and his new band Chain and the Gang stepped on stage, literally tearing through a set of revamped, tweaked, toyed with homages to gospel and chain gang songs that had my foot tapping and my worries dispelled. … I will forsake freedom any day for this good of music.”

Tonight’s Daily Choice approved show is $8 … and we guarantee you, it’s worth every hard-earned penny. And, this should serve as a reminder, pay attention to the Daily Choice. Noah has a knack of knowing about great bands before everyone else does and sharing them with you right here.

August 13, 2009

The Daily Choice: Volcano Choir – Island, IS



I’ve found myself lately mired in describing songs as “summer-ready” or “beach-friendly” and then layering my descriptions with graphic recreations of stereotypical beach scenes.

For this, I apologize.  It is summer and the rays of Papa Sun beat down on my back and I’m enthralled with tropicalia and all that it entails.

To win back favor with those who enjoy a colder, more emotional, less bright track, I present to you Volcano Choir, the collaboration between Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Collections of Colonies of Bees.  It feels cold like a dip in to a frozen lake, with ripples of chilled keyboard splashing at your shoulders.  It does not make me think of sunshine, it makes me wonder where my sweater is and if my fingers will fall off if I get frostbite.

Take that sunshine, my current mortal enemy.

Volcano Choir – Island, IS