March 24, 2010

The Daily Choice: Zachary Cale – The Wedding Party


Zachary Cale :: Photo by Ryan Johnson

There’s singer-songwriter in the air here at The Daily Choice, my mind still in a semi-state of limbo between the relaxing gusts of the beach and the manic enjoyment of SF’s dirty little secrets.  Thus, New York (via Olympia) acoustic impresario Zachary Cale’s aching ode to the weary worlds of love, “The Wedding Party” struck as particular apt.  There’s a certain gruff waver to Cale’s voice, the way it bites at the edge of your eardrum that hefts it out of the standard doldrums of a man with a guitar.  Real emotion lives in the vocals Cale projects, and his ruminations on love and its numerous varied outcomes, good bad ugly, have a tangible weight to them.

“Drone” is not the most complimentary word, but Cale’s voice has an insistent quality, a breathless hum that glides amongst the ably picked guitar.  It resonates with realism, the sort of visceral emotion an actual human being might experience.  Strange that, how a wee bit of actual heartfelt expulsion can catch you off guard these days.

Cale’s 7″ featuring “The Wedding Party” and the b-side “Come Quietly” is out on All Hands Electric.

Zachary Cale – The Wedding Party