January 4, 2012

The Daily Choice: The Mauroks – Susan


It’s 2012, the future has arrived! Tell your robot butler to turn down the holo-screen and fix you a saccharine pill and some Victory Gin. As 2011 crested I could feel the weariness of a year dedicated to filtering out the best from the shit puddle so I’m going to spend a greater percentage of my life in ’12 looking back, digging through the hits that’ve come before and guess what readers, I’m pulling you down the rabbit hole with me.

Aquarium Drunkard, bastion of so many things good, has been doing a bi-weekly collaboration with DJ Soft Touch called Clifton’s Corner, where this very talented gent has been dropping a king’s horde of musical gems on to the interwebs. The Mauroks, a group of GI’s whom met in Ethiopia recorded this cut “Susan” after returning from service and taking a swing at making in big in New York City. It feels like some of the latent funk that I believe lives in the soil of Ethiopia slipped in to their bloodstream and this little jam pops with a funky two-step.

The Mauroks – Susan

September 1, 2011

My Most Played: August 2011


Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” (Not keen on the video, or her in the video rather, but the number of times I played this song this month is embarrassing) Gem Club – “TwinsLemolo – “On Again, Off Again” and “Fort Warden” Dolorean – “Don’t Leave Town” Boyfriends – s/t 7” Keaton Henson – Metaphors 7” Cumulus – s/t EP Carissa’s Wierd – “Meredith and Iris” Wild Ones – “You’re A Winner” Aquairum Drunkard – Clifton’s Corner mixes Damien Jurado – “The Loneliest Place I’ve Ever Been (Is In Your Arms)” Big Sur – “I’m Not Leaving” Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune Lowlands – “Give Me Love” Cataldo – Prison Boxing Richard Swift – Blanch Runderton Presents: “Smelly Iceburg”

Blanch Runderton Presents: “Smelly Iceburg” by Richard Swift