March 18, 2007

Chan for Chanel


Here’s the first batch of Chan Marshall’s (i.e: Cat Power) ads for the Chanel fashion house.

Chan for Chanel

Tip of the Hat to Purple Magazine

February 14, 2007

Is Cat Power Couture?


 Chan and Karl 

Chan Marshall (Cat Power) has been chosen to represent a line of jewlery by Chanel. Apparently Chan Marshall was discovered by Chanel’s head designer, Karl Lagerfeld, while smoking a cigarette outside some swanky hotel in NYC and became smitten with the moody, lovely artist. Lagerfeld even chose Cat Power to be the soundtrack at his Spring 2007 fashion show.

The video of Cat Power’s performance at Chanel’s Parisian Couture Show can be found here

While this may seem like a bizarre pairing– the fashion house that brought us Jackie O’s classic tweed suits and Cat Power an artist known for her innovation and her less than classy behavior on stage– I think it’s fitting. Both appear to like glovelettes and both are known in their industry as iconic rebels. Chan was already named the female indie rock crush on Stereogum this December, so she’s obviously got massive amount of appeal. And, it’s great to see someone other than an overpaid celebrity or an anorexic teenager get any kind of endorsement from a major label.

Tip of the Hat goes to Pitchfork on this one. Photo courtesy of V Magazine