October 13, 2011

A rookie to REVERB Fest samples the local buffet and is not disappointed



Kelli Schaefer ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

The end of summer should go out with a bang, a thump on the kick drum, a chord that sends a front man’s guitar soaring above his head as the vivid lick fades into falling leaves, and then the white silence of winter. It’s why I love fall music festivals; the air that tastes of wood smoke and sweet piles of leaves, the drastically warmer venues pulsing with people who get too hot dancing and then burst into the chilly air like it’s a first breath.

I strolled into Ballard for Seattle Weekly’s Reverb Fest all giddy for a full fall day of music coming from every conceivable corner of the long street. First show; The Golden Blondes.

The Golden Blondes are essentially your standard rock three piece, with an unassailably cool lady on stage adding some vocal sparkle to the hooks that sound like they were ripped right out of a 90′s garage. There’s something cosmically perfect about a power trio. When the mix is right, the drums have room to kick you smack in the face, the guitar somehow spreads wings, and the bass can create the most powerful undertow. Front man Josey Markiewicz swung and sweated all over the place, in a London punk band he’d fit without question. He led The Golden Blondes through a set that turned a daylight show at the Tractor on its head with a possessive coolness. Their fiery riffs exhibit a certain rock and roll attitude that is hard to achieve and is never dated.

Next up; Cataldo.

I have been a fan of Cataldo since before my recent move to Seattle. I saw Eric Anderson, the songwriter and leading man, open for Laura Veirs in the winter of 2010 in Colorado Springs, and I was taken by his bright melodies, his subtle cleverness that so deftly balances against an earnest warmth, and the occasional penchant for a sing along chorus. Since moving here I have seen more than a handful of singer/songwriters, and there is a disappointing trend toward character acting as a performer; taking honest emotions and singing caricatures of them, blanketing them in modern indie tropes. Cataldo’s music, though in that genre, has a terrific sense of reality to it, and in that, is unique. They played in the upstairs of Salmon Bay Eagle Club, a room with vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors that held sound warmly. The guys who make up Eric’s band are Matt Batey (also of Conservative Dad and The Warm Hardies), Sam Anderson, and Colin Richey (both of Hey Marseilles), and play together with remarkable ease and skill. I firmly believe Cataldo has the kind of fresh approach we need to combat the stagnation that comes with formulaic timidity. It’s not that he breaks all the rules; they just suddenly make sense again.

I walked back to the Tractor to catch the rest of Don’t Talk to the Cops.

Don’t Talk to the Cops, a study in height difference having no effect on stage presence, is a golden song and dance, breakbeat show with band members named DJBlesOne, Emecks, and Gatsby. The real magic here is between Bles and Emecks, Bles being a towering Nordic pillar of a man, and Emecks a slight short woman who can really dance, and has sass enough to make herself seem about eight feet tall. I’ve heard it said that there are some folk bands, some rock bands, in Seattle that can really get a crowd moving. I do not doubt this, and have even experienced this, but there is an intention behind Bles and Emecks dancing on the stage. It’s thought out, a production. Their music is equal parts goofy, smart, and catchy, with some wacky sampling and mixing in between Bles and Emecks, and it all plays directly into the dancing. Don’t Talk to the Cops is a show you have to see to understand what they’re going for; it’s as much a dance show as it is about the music. To conclude, a word to boys with guitars: go ahead and make me dance, you can sometimes do it, but if I want to really get down, I’ll be back here in a heartbeat.

It was about this time I started feeling my pizza dinner start to kick back, and being active was just a little less appealing, but I knew I couldn’t miss Portland’s Kelli Schaefer. Honestly, I’ve seen Kelli a few times. So I should be over it, right? But this extraordinary thing happens every time I see her play, where she engulfs the room, possesses it. I can’t miss that. I stood toward the back, leaning against the leather booths in the corner of the Tractor, and considered unceremoniously kicking the people talking during her set. She stood stage right, and even though I was behind festival goers whose attentions were not directed at Kelli, as soon as she began it didn’t matter who the hell was listening. She was mighty, and her voice and guitar poured to the back effortlessly. There is a trend in the Northwest I have noticed where women sing with their throats, often masking a beautiful range and natural timbre. It has become a real sticking point for me at shows, a vocal trend much like when many tried to copy Eddie Vedder’s signature throat bubble voice. Kelli does not do this. She opens up her mouth and wails from her chest up, and it can suck the air from a room. Kelli’s band added a tight accompaniment to her thoughtful songs that can stand strong on bare bones legs, making subtle arrangements to flesh out familiar songs into things of ecstatic breadth and life. She ended her performance by imploring anyone in the audience who felt they could possibly express themselves by making music to do so. Though I won’t be honing my high school flute skills any time soon, I left inspired, into the rain, into the fall, grateful to have all this music on one street for a day.

October 7, 2011

Sound on the Sound’s Reverb Fest Recommendations



Reverb is just our kind of music festival. Its purely local, its mostly about the little guys and with over 70 bands for just $15 ($10 for under 21′ers), it is the cheapest festival in town that isn’t free. Sure, there’s no international headliners, but the point of Reverb is to show we’ve got the goods right here. With bands playing nearly every crevice of Ballard Avenue, Seattle doesn’t need to fly anyone in for an awesome and diverse music festival to happen and you don’t need to spend $75 to enjoy one.

Reverb is this Saturday and we’ll be seeing some of our favorites from the past year and checking out bands we’ve loved recorded, live for the first time. Here’s what we’re hoping to catch and by majority vote, Sound on the Sound’s unmissable sets of the Fest.

Gold Leaves ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Abbey’s Reverb Schedule:

2:00-2:45 Kaylee Cole (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 2:30-3:15 Dyme Def (NY Fashion Academy) 4:00-4:45 Metal Chocolates (The Sunset) or Golden Blondes (Tracor Tavern) 4:30-5:15 Dude York (NY Fashion Academy) 5:00-5:45 Summer Babes (2 Bit Saloon) or Pony Time (5:30 to 6:15 at NY Fashion Academy) 6:00-6:45 Spurm (The Sunset) 7:00-7:45 Land of Pines (Salmon Bay Upstairs) or NightTrain (2 Bit) 8:30-9:15 Fly Moon Royalty (NY Fashion Academy) 9:00-9:45 Kelli Schaefer (Tracor Tavern) or Virgin Islands (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 9:30-10:15 Witch Gardens (NY Fashion Academy) or Sons of Warren Oates (Conor Byrne) 10:30-11:15 Pipsisewah (Conor Byrne) 11:00-11:45 Gold Leaves (Tractor Tavern) or Mash Hall (The Sunset) 12:00-12:45 depends on my mood, would be happy to end the night with any of the headliners - Grynch (The Sunset) / Grand Hallway (Tractor tavern) / Sandrider (2 Bit Saloon) / Cobirds Unite (Conor Byrne)

Abbey’s absolutely unmissable sets: Dude York (NY Fashion Academy at 4:30) and Gold Leaves (Tractor Tavern at 10:30)

Josh’s Reverb Schedule:

This weekend I’m favoring bands that I haven’t seen at all.

2:00 Kaylee Cole (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 2:30 Dyme Def (NY Fashion Academy) 3:00 Shaprece (The Sunset) 3:30 Neighbors (NY Fashion Academy) 4:00 Stephanie (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 4:30 Dude York (NY Fashion Academy) 5 Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (The Sunset) or Summer Babes (2 Bit Saloon) 5:30 Pony Time (NY Fashion Academy) 6:00 Cataldo (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 7:00 Land Of Pines (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 7:30 Mark Pickerel (Conor Byrne) 8:30 Fly Moon Royalty (NY Fashion Academy) 9:30 Witch Gardens (NY Fashion Academy) 10:00 Tomten (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 11:00 Gold Leaves (Tractor Tavern) 12:00 Sandrider (2 Bit Saloon)

Fly Moon Royalty

Kathleen’s Reverb Schedule:

2:00-2:45- Kaylee Cole (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 3:00-3:45- Red Jacket Mine 4:00-4:45- Golden Blondes (Tracor Tavern) 6:00-6:45- Cataldo (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 7:00-7:45- Land of Pines (Salmon Bay Upstairs) 8:00-8:45- Atomic Bride 8:30-9:15- Fly Moon Royalty (NY Fashion Academy) 9:00-9:45- Kelli Schaefer (Tracor Tavern) 9:30-10:15- Witch Gardens 11:00-11:45- Gold Leaves (Tracor Tavern) 12:00-12:45- Grand Hallway (Tracor Tavern)

Kelli Schaefer ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Phil’s hypothetical Reverb Schedule:

Ah, Reverb Festival presented to you by Seattle Weekly. In years’ past there have been excellent lineups chosen for your enjoyment and this year is no exception. Sadly, I’ve never made it to Reverb Festival. I always have other things going on (such as drinking pitchers of margaritas on the River Walk in San Antonio or watching an efficient use of metal detectors on Beale Street in Memphis). This year is no exception as I’ll be shooting guns and flirting with bridesmaids watching friends’ get married in New Mexico this weekend. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an entire weekend’s worth of music crammed into one day for the cheap price of $15. (Psssssst. Insider information: If you’re on the Seattle Weekly mailing list, you can get tickets for $7.)  Who knows, maybe you’ll catalog Saturday’s events and write a guest blog post about it (let’s not get carried away). This is what I would see if I were to stick around this weekend:

2:30pm Kaylee Cole at Salmon Bay Eagles (upstairs — all ages) 3:30pm Neighbors at the New York Fashion Academy (all ages) 4:00pm Metal Chocolates at the Sunset (21+) 5:00pmSummer Babes at the 2-Bit Saloon (21+) 6:00pm Spurm at the Sunset (21+) 7:00pm Don’t Talk to the Cops at the Tractor Tavern (21+) 8:30pm Fly Moon Royalty at the New York Fashion Academy (all ages) 9:00pm Kelli Schaefer at the Tractor Tarvern (21+) 10:00pm Curtains For You at the Tractor Tavern (21+) 11:00pm Mash Hall at the Sunset (21+) Midnight Sandrider at the 2-Bit Saloon (21+)

Land of Pines ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Based on 3 out of 4 writers recommending them, Sound on the Sound’s absolutely unmissable sets of Reverb are:

Kaylee Cole (2:30 at Salmon Bay Upstairs), Land of Pines (7:00pm at Salmon Bay Upstairs), Fly Moon Royalty (8:30pm at NY Fashion Academy), Kelli Schaefer (9:00pm at The Tractor), Witch Gardens (9:30 at NY Fashion Academy), Gold Leaves (11:00pm at The Tractor) and Sandrider (Midnight at the 2 Bit Saloon)

September 1, 2011

My Most Played: August 2011


Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” (Not keen on the video, or her in the video rather, but the number of times I played this song this month is embarrassing) Gem Club – “TwinsLemolo – “On Again, Off Again” and “Fort Warden” Dolorean – “Don’t Leave Town” Boyfriends – s/t 7” Keaton Henson – Metaphors 7” Cumulus – s/t EP Carissa’s Wierd – “Meredith and Iris” Wild Ones – “You’re A Winner” Aquairum Drunkard – Clifton’s Corner mixes Damien Jurado – “The Loneliest Place I’ve Ever Been (Is In Your Arms)” Big Sur – “I’m Not Leaving” Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune Lowlands – “Give Me Love” Cataldo – Prison Boxing Richard Swift – Blanch Runderton Presents: “Smelly Iceburg”

Blanch Runderton Presents: “Smelly Iceburg” by Richard Swift

July 27, 2011

City Arts Fest Announces Line-Up: Robyn, Ryan Adams, Built to Spill & More



Robyn ::: photo by Josh Lovseth



City Arts Magazine has announced the line-up for their second annual City Arts Fest, held this October from the 20th to the 22nd, and once again they’ve shown an upstart music festival can compete with the big boys in terms of star power. Big name national and international acts include: Robyn, Built to Spill, Ozomotali, Blackalicious, Crystal Castles and Ryan Adams. And, much to our delight, City Arts has mined some of the best of the Northwest as openers and headliners on their own including: Pickwick, Allen Stone, Mudhoney, The Long Winters, Cataldo, Campfire OK, Fastbacks, Fences, Smokey Brights, Bryan John Appleby, Joseph Giant, Grand Hallway, Lemolo and more.

And it’s not just music, there’s lots of local artists: poets, authors, dancers, filmmakers and more are featured. We’re especially excited to see our favorite local poet Kate Lebo on the schedule as well as a show billed as an All-Star Replacement tribute.

The full, day-by-day schedule is below. Tickets go on sale next Friday, August 5th and 3-day wrist bands are $69.

What show are you most excited for?

October 20

ROBYN w/ special guest tba CRYSTAL CASTLES w/ Picture Plane, Crypts, Nightmare Fortress THE LONG WINTERS w/ Campfire OK, Cobirds Unite, Cataldo THE FELICE BROTHERS w/ special guests tba ALLEN STONE w/ Fly Moon Royalty CULTURE CLUB: Washington Film Works Event and Happy Hour SEATEETH: Premiere performance from Seattle’s Jose Bold (John Osebold of “Awesome”) POGO w/ That 1 Guy, Daydream Vacation CULTURE CLUB : Visual Art HORDE and the HAREM w/special guests THE COPS w/ Birthday Suits, Strong Killings CULTURE CLUB: Celebrity Karaoke HEDWIG and the ANGRY INCH: Movie Sing Along SCHOOL of ROCK: Laser Grunge Show

See the rest of the line-up (more…)

April 27, 2011

Win Tickets to See Cataldo, Land of Pines & Kaylee Cole This Saturday



If, like us, you weren’t fast enough to buy tickets to see The Head and The Heart and Grand Hallway at the Moore this Saturday, you may have actually lucked out because it means you can see our show of the week, a great four band bill at the High Dive with a bevy of local talent: Cataldo, Land of Pines, Kaylee Cole and Glass Notes. Okay, maybe not lucked out, but it definitely means you won’t be wanting for great local music.

Leave a comment below to enter to win a pair of tickets to see Cataldo, Land of Pines, Kaylee Cole and Glass Notes this Saturday at the High Dive. We’ll pick a couple lucky winners Friday at noon.

The evening is your first chance to hear Land of Pines just released II EP live, which while not as gut-grabbing as their debut EP, still shows immense promise and flare for hook-heavy indie anthems from one of Seattle’s best young bands. While Land of Pines will be all about the new, Saturday will be a different affair for Kaylee Cole and her fans, as it will be one of your last chances to see the songs she’s been singing since first enchanting us back in 2008. Cole will be hanging up her sad piano songs for good this spring, before moving on to a Dave Sitek produced dance album. While Cole will be playing a what’s sure to be a stellar Round May 10th with Kevin Murphy of The Moondoggies and Mychal Goodweather of Campfire OK, this Saturday is your last chance to Cole as you’ve known her best.

And of course, there’s headliner, Cataldo who’s working on a Kickstarter campaign to release Prison Boxer, his much anticipated third album. We’ve been waiting, patiently but eagerly, for new material from the oh-so-clever Cataldo since 2008, though Signal Flare still provides us cozy company all these years later.

Take a listen (or a look) below for songs from Land of Pines, Kaylee Cole and Cataldo: (more…)

February 3, 2011

Say Hi, The Globes and Cataldo at Neumos, Say Hi All Over America Soon



The Globes at Neumos ::: photo by Chona Kasinger

Last Friday Neumos was just a few bodies short of sold out to celebrate Say Hi’s new CD with the help of The Globes and Cataldo. We sent photographer Chona Kasinger to take some snaps and here are a few of our favorite.

If you’re a Say Hi fan outside of Seattle, you’re in luck. The band is leaving for a month and a half long national tour next week. And for those of you in Seattle who will be missing Eric Elbogen and company, check back in with Sound on the Sound, one of their crew promised they’d send us some Postcards from the Road and we are so excited about our new pen pals!


Say Hi at Neumos ::: photo by Chona Kasinger


Say Hi at Neumos ::: photo by Chona Kasinger


Cataldo at Neumos ::: photo by Chona Kasinger


The Globes at Neumos ::: photo by Chona Kasinger

March 24, 2010

Birds on a Wire Festival Schedule


This Friday and Saturday, Pullman WA is the place to be if you want to see great local music. Yes, that Pullman. We already introduced you to the reason for all this great music, the  Birds on a Wire Festival, but now we also have the festivals full schedule.


Who else will be making the drive east for Birds on a Wire?

November 6, 2009

No Rest for Seattle Show Goers This Sunday



No rest for the wicked or at least for the music lovers of Seattle this weekend, even on that most traditional day of rest, Sunday. 

This Sunday’s show choices read more like a stacked Friday or Saturday night in Seattle. Even though it will mean dragging a little bit of ass on Monday morning, there are too many good shows going on Sunday night for you to sacrafice a little sleep for what are sure to be some great shows.

May we recommend you check out one of the following:

 Horse Feathers, Cataldo — Tractor Tavern (show starts at 8:30 sharp)

 Swollen Members, Common Market — Neumos

 Headlights, Anni Rossi, Pomegranates  — The Sunset Tavern

 Dinosaur Jr., Lou Barlow & The Missing Men – Showbox

 Rufus Wainwright with the Seattle Symphony — Benaroya Hall

 DEVO, Reggie Watts – The Moore

July 13, 2009

Night After Night: July 13th to the 19th


Black Eyes & Neckties Play The Comet July 19th ::: Photo by Abbey

Remember when I said not every week would have seven nights of recommended shows…? This is one of those weeks.

However, for most of the night’s that have recommendations, there are numerous pleasing possibilities. Looks like another week for some heated internal debates on which shows to attend.

Monday 7/13:

Who – So Many Dynamos, Police Teeth, Cast Spells Where – VERA Project How (Much) – 8$/7$ with Club Card Why- So Many Dynamos mathematic, energetic, angular, and infinitely danceable approach to indie rock is a perfect way to start the week with momentum.


Tuesday 7/14:

Who – The Girls Guide To Rocking Where – VERA Project, 7:30pm How (Much) – Free Why – Because in 2009, rock’n'roll is still a boys club. Books like The Girls Guide to Rocking and places like the VERA Project help encourage and teach girls to find their rightful place in rock.

Equally Awesome Alternatives: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone at HTFC Team Gina at Chop Suey


Wednesday 7/15:

Who - Jack Wilson and the Wife Stealers  Where - The Comet, 6pm   How (Much) – ? Why – If you like what bands like The Maldives and Widower are doing, it’s time for you to check out Jack Wilson and the Wife Stealers. Wilson is a pleasant addition to the burgeoning bearded Seattle-Twang song-writer sound.

Equally Awesome Alternatives: GMK at Nectar Lounge Tea Cozies, Devices at Tractor Tavern


Friday 7/17:

Who - WE Prom Featuring: We Wrote The Book On Connectors, M. Bison, Tennis Pro Where - The Crocodile How (Much) – 10$ Why – Because this is what Sweet Dreams are made of. Or at least, that’s the theme of this prom, which is guaranteed to suck 100x less than your actual Prom. There will be photos, formal wear, a balloon arch, and  few great local bands playing from their own catchy catalogs, as well as the promise of some classic Prom songs. Slow dance, anyone?

Equally Awesome Alternatives: The Metal Shakespeare Company at The Blue Moon The Sea Navy at The Comet Tavern The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Blind Pilot at Marymoor Park


Saturday 7/18:

Who - Laura Veirs, Cataldo Where - The Crocodile How (Much) -  15$ Why – To spend a night with one of the Pacific Northwest’s most gifted lyricists and song-writers, Laura Veirs.  2007′s Saltbreakers is a quintessential Pacific Northwest album, so evocative of the surroundings that inspired the album, you can almost smell the damp salty cedar air.

Equally Awesome Alternatives: What What Now at Cafe Racer Death Cab for Cutie, the New Pornographers, Ra Ra Riot at Marymoor Park


Sunday 7/19:

Who - Helms Alee, Black Eyes & Neckties, Red Fang Where - The Comet Tavern, 9pm How (Much) – 8$ Why – You’d be hard pressed to find a stronger all-local hard rock bill. In spite of being on a Sunday, the sheer weight of rock and spectacle of this line up may actually leave The Comet in ruins.

Equally Awesome Alternative: Death Cab for Cutie, the New Pornographers, Ra Ra Riot at Marymoor Park


July 5, 2009

Night After Night – July 6th to the 12th


Ryann Donnelly of Schoolyard Heroes ::: photo by Abbey

As someone who goes to shows more nights than not, I know that most nights of the week there’s a great show happening in Seattle. In fact, as someone who often wishes she could split herself in two or three, there’s usually more than one show worth checking out many nights.

While we’ve hesitated doing a straight up weekly Sound on the Sound recommends post, there are just too many shows that are worthy of highlighting and attending for us to not try one out.  With that in mind, I’m starting “Night After Night” your weekly guide to going to a show a night in Seattle.

I’m sure some weeks won’t have a full seven nights of shows, because we’d rather not list a show we wouldn’t be excited to attend ourselves. But my hope for this features is to show and share with you the impressive number of awesome shows at your finger tips, on any given night of the week in Seattle.

Monday 7/6:

Who – The Rural Alberta Advantage Where – The Sunset Tavern, 9pm How (Much) – 7$ Why- Saddle Creek’s latest band are creating haunting, charming tunes that defy  easy description. Singing songs about hometowns and heartbreak, the band mixes synth sounds and  indie folk sensibilities, with a side of Jeff Mangum vocals.

Tuesday 7/7:

Who – The Curious Mystery, Born Anchors, Cataldo Where – Nectar Lounge, 8pm How (Much) – FREE, courtesy of Sound Magazine Why – Because in this economy, we could all use a free show with three of Seattle’s most promising up and coming bands. The Curious Mystery’s Rotting Slowly is one of my favorite local releases of 2009.

Wednesday 7/8:

Who - Mad Rad, Thee Satisfaction Where - The Funhouse, 9pm How (Much) – 6$ Why – It’s a chance to see two of Seattle’s most buzzed about bands at a venue that couldn’t be further from the vibe of Pike and Pine. Mad Rad is sure to bring the antics, and I dare you not to dance to Thee Satisfaction’s unique groove.

Thursday 7/9:

Who - A Gun That Shoots Knives, The Raggedy Anns,  Doctor Doctor Where - Neumos, 9pm How (Much) - 6$ Why – To hear F Bomb laiden PSA’s about staying in school and literacy and to celebrate the Raggedy Anne’s catchy fortchoming CD of swing rock and Tin Pan Alley tunes.

Friday 7/10:

Who - Schoolyard Heroes, The Pharmacy, The Whore Moans Where - VERA Project, 7:30pm How (Much) - Why – Because you want to be at what will doubtlessly be the craziest show of the week, no booze necessary. The popular former Seattle band The Pharmacy are returning for their first weekend back since moving to The Big Easy. The Whore Moans of capable of whipping a group of nuns into ruckus moshers and you have never seen local teenagers go more insane then when Ryann Donnelly of Schoolyard Heroes take the stage. Bring your ear plugs and elbows.

Awesome Alternative: Thee Emergency at The Sunset

Saturday 7/11:

Who - Robin Pecknold, Throw Me the Statue Where - Neumos, 9pm How (Much) -  15$ Why – See Robin Pecknold of The Fleet Foxes perform a rare solo set and a smaller venue then he’ll ever play again, all for one of Seattle’s finest musical resources: The Vera Project.

Awesome Alternative: The Hands, The Ironclads, The Beats Man at The Mars Bar

Sunday 7/12:

Who - Grynch (Chemsitry EP Release) Where - The Nectar Lounge How (Much) – $7 Why – On Tuesday you can download Grynch’s new EP for free. That way Sunday you won’t be laughing so hard from “My Volvo” that you can enjoy his other tracks.

Awesome Alternative: Azure Ray with Anomie Bell at Neumos


p.s. Please let me know if you think this a worthwhile feature for Sound on the Sound, or if it’s something you feel like you get already from the site and/or every other local newspaper and music blog.