November 29, 2010

The Daily Choice: Atlas Sound – Green Glass Bottles


Massively prolific musician Bradford Cox, he of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, unleashed a seemingly unstoppable torrent of music on the internet last week.  If you weren’t privy to the sonic exhalation, Mr. Cox, as Atlas Sound, released one album of unreleased demos (for free) each non-holiday day of the week.

The four albums, not EPs or singles these are full on albums of demos, capture what I often love best about Cox and his output, the sheer scope of it.  Cox isn’t happy to find a niche and fill it with his sound, he, seemingly, wants to find every niche and give them at least a shot.  This track, off 0f Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 is a sort of wandering ballad, touched with harmonica and Cox’s small, beautiful voice.  But it is just a gateway to the rest of the world Cox has given access too.  A world you need to start exploring.

Find all of the albums right here.

Atlas Sound – Green Glass Bottles

Also, for those of you who might’ve been unable to access computers due to the torpid cloud that is Thanksgiving, I put together a new mixtape, If I’d Have Known, I’d Be Fine, and posted it last week.  It’s wonky and psych-driven and sometimes makes me want to pull belly lint off of my oversized carnival lollipop.

Download it right here.