April 9, 2012

Treefort Music Fest


Sister Crayon

Sister Crayon ::: Photo by Josh Lovseth

As scaled down version of MusicFest NW that felt just the right size for Boise, happening over the course of four days in late March Treefort Music Fest boasts the same proximity advantage as SXSW with all of its venues being entirely walkable. In fact all the stages were located in a five-by-five block square, and a number of unofficial stages popped up in that radius as well. Inside the gates of the outdoor mainstage and out on the streets a bevy of legit food trucks were eager to serve. (Seattle, take a hint.)

Smartly inserting the takeover of Boise’s venues into the post-SXSW touring window, the fest was able to plan itself into the road schedule of a wide array of emerging bands from not just Idaho, Portland and Seattle, but from across the West, while additionally booking headliners with a potential to attract a larger under-21 audience than say MusicFest is going for. Though booking Northwest mainstays Cave Singers, Blitzen Trapper, the Maldives, and of course hometown stars Built to Spill is a thumbs up in my book and probably is what sold a huge portion of the tickets, this fest this year was special for its potential to expose Boise to the other young and less well established bands on the bill that might not otherwise make it to their neck of the woods, but should. In a place with no other real festival competition year-round, the weekend was also in a position to not just expose the fans to the bands, but also expose the bands to Boise in a significant way and give them a reason to come back.


Editorial Note: It’s pronounced Boy-sea, not Boy-Zee.



Eating a Bison Burger off of a Barrel ::: Camera Photo by Josh Lovseth


The festival could just as easily have been called the Treefort Music and IPA Fest. A number of beers were created special for the occasion, really good beer, including one I tried the first night somewhat ironically named “No Girls Allowed.” Ironic not because I didn’t get the Treefort theme, but because over the course of the weekend the lineup’s emerging female performers often stole the show.


July 19, 2011

Another Reason to Road Trip to Portland: PDX Pop Now is This Weekend



If, like us, September is way too far away for a Portland road trip, you’re in luck! That’s because PDX Pop Now!‘s 8th annual free festival is this weekend and with a super sized sample of Portland’s best bands, it’s totally worth the drive South.

Every year we’re introduced to great Portland bands we’d never hear about without PDX Pop Now!’s annual compilation CD. This year’s comp includes 41 tracks, including stand-outs from well known Portland artists Red Fang, Viva Voce, Drew Grow and Langhorne Slim, but more excitingly tracks from bands we can’t wait to hear more from like Lovers, Grouper, Guantanamo Baywatch, Bright Archer, Death Songs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the Angry Orts, Quiet Countries, the Minders and more. The perfect excuse, Block Party or not, to hear more of these artists is PDX’s Pop Now!’s free all-ages music festival, which includes many of the artists on the Comp and other notable Portland bands including Nurses, Kelli Schaefer, Radiation City, Loch Lomond and Wilamette Weekly’s Best New Band of 2011 And And And.

And did we mention it is FREE?

See the full schedule for yourself after the jump (more…)