Setting up a Coffee Station in Your Studio

Are you a coffee lover and crave for a cup of hot coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning? There is nothing like enjoying a hot cup of coffee prepared to your taste which supercharges and prepares you for the day. Coffee lovers do dream of having a full-fledged and well-equipped coffee station that helps you make a cup of steaming hot beverage for your afternoon cravings. A coffee person loves to have all the coffee supplies in place to have a freshly brewed coffee in no time. If you are planning to set up a coffee station in your studio and are looking for some guidance, keep reading the article.

Setting up a Coffee Station in Your StudioTaste of the coffee differs with each person and depends on the factors like the type of the bean, brewing process, choice of blend etc. Traditionally only two types of coffee were available; regular and decaffeinated. But today lot more options are available such as cappuccino, espresso and cafe latte.

Whether you want a cart style coffee station or a stylish countertop coffee station, you can have one that suits your requirements and budget. Setting up a coffee station in your studio can be done with minimal efforts when you know. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to set up a coffee station in your studio efficiently.

Step # 1 Location

Before you shop for coffee brewers and other accessories, it is crucial to decide where exactly you want your coffee station to be set up. Depending on the size of your studio and if you have setup a home studio, then probably a kitchen top type of coffee station suits your place. Deciding the location for the coffee station in the studio will help you to plan the size of the coffee machine and what accessories you can accommodate in the given area. To avoid the mess at your coffee station, decide a location where you will be able to plug the machine easily.

Step #2 List of Supplies

Setting up a Coffee Station in Your StudioMake a list of supplies you want to have in your coffee station. The following is the general list for the coffee station, and it can always be personalized to your taste and choice.

  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee bean grinder
  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee mugs
  • Sugar bowl with sugar
  • Creamer
  • Cinnamon
  • Biscotti
  • Flavors like vanilla, chocolate etc. to flavor the coffee
  • Spoons
  • Napkins
  • A large tray
  • Canisters and bowls for storing the ingredients

Step #3 Theme

If you are a person with creative thinking, then you can think of some theme for the coffee station to give it a personalized touch. It can be a plant theme, flower theme or any other theme which reflects your personality.

Step #4 Supplies

Once you have the list start looking for the best offers available on the market to make a purchase. Clear the area assigned for the coffee station and arrange the coffee pods, beans, brewer, grinder, mugs, sugar, spoons, creams and other things neatly. Make sure items are arranged in an organized way to make everything easily accessible when preparing coffee. Having a storage cabinet below the station is ideal as stocking supplies, and other extra items become easy. Mugs, canisters and bowls with a theme can be displayed to make the station attractive.

Step #5 Cabinet or Trays

Setting up a Coffee Station in Your StudioIf for some reason you are not able to accommodate all the supplies and machine in the slot assigned and do not have a storage draw, then it is advisable to buy a coffee station cabinet. Coffee station cabinets come with stacked racks which helps you to accommodate everything related to coffee in one place. These cabinets make an excellent choice for studios with limited space. The cabinets are available in various designs, sizes, colours and can even be customized to your preference. But if you have enough place and want to keep things organized, you can use large trays to arrange the supplies neatly.

Step #6 Added Accessories

If you want to turn your coffee station into a full-fledged coffee bar where you can have all types of beverages, fresh fruit juices and coffee, then make it a luxurious place by adding a top rated juicer to the station. If you love to add flavors to your cold coffee, then blenders make lovely additions to your coffee station as well.

Once the coffee station is set up in your studio, Plug in your coffee machine or machines and start brewing. Invite your friends and family to your coffee station to have heartful conversations over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.