Music of Seattle

Seattle is the biggest city in Washington where music has a rich history with different genes. Over the years, Seattle music has played a major role in developing the history of Washington’s music as well with genres such as grunge is hugely popular among the people. Bands like Nirvana or Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains or Soundgarden have entertained everyone with their soulful music.

Seattle music started its journey in the mid-19th century. This is the time when the first-ever European settlers had arrived as well. When the 20th century began, the upper-class society of Seattle had established an urban culture with music. Not to mention, the jazz music scene came when jazz musicians such as Jelly Roll Morton or Vic Meyers started performing enticing jazz music in different places of Seattle.

If we talk precisely about who were the most influential in developing the music industry of Seattle, we have to mention the Jackson Street jazz scene. It was the biggest hit in the 1940s. Later, the grunge era started in the 1990s and captivated many hearts with blissful music. Artists like Ray Charles amazed the crowds of nightclubs near Jackson Street. He also made his first commercial recording there on the Down Beat records in 1949.

Ray Charles also performed with Quincy Jones whose family moved to Seattle in 1947. He became the musical director of the Dizzy Gillespie Band and he had worked with stars like Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson. Some of the all-time hits of Michael Jackson (Thriller and Off The Wall) were recorded on Jone’s studio. Another all-time great singer, Ernestine Anderson was heavily associated with the Jackson Street scene. He was friends with Charles and Jones. He was nominated four times in the Grammy Awards.

In the 1950s, rock and roll became a big hit in Seattle with two songs featuring The Fleetwoods (an Olympia-based group) and the Heart topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. As of today, both of these songs from these bands have been in the top 100 chart. Now, Dolton Records signed The Fleetwoods and this company was the first rock record company. The company also signed household names such as The Ventures, which is also a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band. The Ventures is an internationally acclaimed band which recorded the theme to Hawaii Five-O.

In the 1960s, Pat O’Day, a famous disc jockey joined KJR with other famous disc jockeys like Dick Curtis and Lan Roberts. They became the most influential rock voices in the Seattle music scene. Even they achieved double rating more than their competitors. In addition, Pat O’Day helped in forming different other bands like the Sonics. This band went on to become a national hit with renowned low-fi garage rock genre. However, the biggest star he helped was Jimi Hendrix who played in the Jackson Street clubs.

When the 1990s came, Seattle was the heart of the most significant grunge rock bands in the entire music history. Bands such as the Mount Rushmore with up and coming bands, Seattle quickly became the habitat for grunge rock music. Grunge Rock is a music genre, which is a captivating and authentic music type. The lyrics of this music genre is exciting with full of life. In fact, grunge is a combination of different rock genres like classic rock and old school metal, which focuses on invoking emotions from the audiences. Nirvana was the flagship band who played grunge rock music with Kurt Cobain lead the American rock movement. This rock-movement influenced all music industries in the world.

Furthermore, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are two great bands who also shaped the music industry of Seattle. Members from these bands formed part of a super group, named – Temple of the Dog. Some of the other renowned bands are Alice in Chains, the Screaming Trees, Mother Love Bone, and Green River.

The bottom line is Seattle music is a whole lot more than we can imagine with different eras developed different stars. Each of this era defined the music scene of Seattle with amazing songs. So, let us know if you want to add something to the Seattle music by commenting below.