Love Songs Don’t Have to Suck

When it comes to enjoying love songs, many seem to have wondered how in the world someone writes about this weird feeling. On the other hand, some people just pick the beat right away and get emotionally attached to the song. Well, both of these statements can confuse your profusely but let us make everything clear for you. 

Usually, love songs might suck because of its illogical plot and inappropriate words. Many sentimental people will say love is itself an illogical human feeling, which has no bounds. When fallen in love, people get insane and mad. Famous singers like Paul Simon has written wonderful love songs but if you consider the lyrics of those songs, you might feel they are not from this world.

Another thing that everyone should keep in mind is love doesn’t have to be suck! It is one of the most beautiful feelings that a human can have. It’s our actions and inappropriateness make love a strange thing to occur in our life. It is not also a harmful thing as love has inspired many people to do great things.

Now, let’s get back to our topic of discussion, which is love songs may suck or may not suck. The thing is if any song doesn’t represent the elementary facts such as the falling for each other or the careening out of it or settling down with the partner, that love song doesn’t capture the imagination of true love. On a side note, most of the love songs are written with emotional entanglement, which is not the way to represent love or its feeling.  

If you want to write a love song, which is the most wonderful and confusing part of our life, you should pour all the essence into it to ensure you do care for this feeling. It should sound like love has changed your life wholeheartedly with the magic of it. You have become an insane person who is willing to wake up at two in the morning to see your soulmate.  

Furthermore, if you hear a love song and if that switches your ‘love is in the air mood’ to something dull, then you should stop listening to it. Instead, you can start playing guitar. So, in general, a love song has to be crazy and it must bring out your elementary emotions. It must make you feel that your partner or soulmate is the one with whom you want to be forever.  

Without these things, a love song is not truly a love song and you should avoid listening to that kind of piece of trash!