Hunting Songs to Pump You Up for Deer Season

Hunting Songs to Pump You Up for Deer Season

When we don’t find motivation from our surroundings, we tend to go for music to cheer us up. In fact, from centuries, music has been the ultimate source of joy and energy for millions. Not to mention, many countries use music to stimulate their warriors and hunters for their excursions. As for our modern world, the sports arena have used the sound of music to prepare for crucial matches. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best hunting songs to pump you up for the deer season hunting. Let’s move forward and have a look at the article.

The best songs to pump you up for the deer season

The following are the songs you must try before going to a hunting trip:

1. Fred Bear – Ted Nugent: The first song on our list the Fred Bear, which has been inspiring for many hunters. This song is a masterclass from Ted Nugent, who had released it 10 years ago. In this song, Ted has described the ode to the archery legend Bear. Therefore, many hunters prefer to listen to this song before their hunting adventure. A few people would have disagreed that this is the best song to pump you up for hunting.

2. Buck Fever – Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson: The second song on our list is the Buck Fever by Rhett Atkins & Dallas Davidson. This is a new song compared to other songs on our list. Rhett Atkins and Dallas Davidson were inspired by Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector show to make this album. Buck Fever basically interprets the contradictory feeling of good and bad of buck fever. After the initial release, this song has been ranked as one of the top songs for hunters.

Hunting Songs to Pump You Up for Deer Season

3. Second Week of Deer Camp – Da Yoopers: Second Week of Deer Camp is a comedy classic, which was released by Da Yoopers. Da Yoopers are known as a legendary band, hailing straight from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan state. This song tells the story of a group of hunters who used to spend the second week of every year at deer camp. But they couldn’t shoot a deer once in their hunting adventure. So, don’t laugh when you hear the song. Rather follow the pulse of the music.

4. Backwoods Boy – Josh Turner: Backwoods Boy is a fantastic hit from the Country music icon Josh Turner. The song includes some powerful and authentic lyrics, which represent the sheer passion for hunting. In truth, many hunters love this song for the tune and how it exactly tells the story of a passionate hunter.

5. Guns – Justin Moore: Guns, by Justin Moore, is a song, representing the rights to bear arms. Justin Moore is a rising country music star who remembers his first shooting experience. In this song, he describes how he shot a doe using a muzzle loader. All in all, this song is a classic for firearms lovers, symbolizing the rights to bear them in the hunting season.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is regardless of which song you choose to listen before your hunting adventure, there will be excitement. Listening to music just makes us more motivated to give our best while hunting. So, let us know if you want to add to our list by leaving a comment below.