Benefit Show this Saturday with Grand Hallway and The Maldives

Grand Hallway ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

From last year when Drew Grow had an accident and gears were stolen every week, I too did had medical mishaps. However, I have received some overwhelming support from the local musicians, organization, and most importantly from the music fans. On Saturday, we along with friends and fans are hosting a get together to show a token of support for Mark Giese. At just 33 years of age, he suffered a stroke but luckily, he survived the incident while spending some weeks in the ICU.

Now, he is in the long and tiresome phase of rehabilitation where he will also have prolonged treatment as well. Sadly, he doesn’t have any health insurance but the bills will have to pay are massive. So, Grand Hallway and The Maldives, some of his best friends have come forward and they have arranged a benefit in his honor. It will take place on Saturday at the Columbia City Theater where some of the local bands such as ‘Outside Alcatraz’ and The Soft Starts will perform. These bands quit performing in 2004, featuring the likes of Grand Hallway and the Sleepy Eyes of Death.

There would be 30 shows all-together and the local fans and guests will certainly have a blast at the concert. In addition to the concert, there will be a Silent Auction, which will feature different items such as signed posters from Frida Clements, autographs from Gillian Welch, Swell Season, and Rufus Wainwright. Not to mention you will get the chance to buy an exceptional Velvet Underground box set, which is signed by Doug Yule. In short, the auction will feature original artwork and jewelry items, all signed by Mark’s friends. The auction will start at 4:00 PM before the concert takes place at the Columbia City Theater. The door will be opened at 9:00 PM and the price of the tickets is $10.

A Benefit for Mark Giese featuring:

  • Grand Hallway, The Maldives, Soft Starts and Outside Alcatraz
  • Saturday, September 24th at Columbia City Theater

Lastly, all these bands have performed sold-out concerts at the Columbia City Theater. So, if you want to show your support and love to Mark Giese, then do participate in the concert and auction.