March 7, 2007

Abbey Simmons – Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Sound on the Sound Presents Booker


markandme Photo by Dan Muller of Trickshot Photography

Abbey Simmons

Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Writer, Sound on the Sound Presents Booker, Photographer 

I was born to rock’n'roll. (Or at least to write a music blog.)

No really.

My parents named me after a Beatles’ album and famous recording studio. As a toddler, I loved to bang away on my highchair when AC/DC was on. At the age of 10 (upon witnessing the parking lot) I told my Dad “I want to be a Deadhead when I grow up.” I have dreamed of running away with the band for as long as I can remember. I’m at concerts more nights than not.

I am a Seattle Native and a fan of just about everything related to my hometown. Above all, I love the music that’s being made here, the people who are making it and the community that surrounds it. With bands and artists like Damien Jurado, Fleet Foxes, The Moondoggies, The Maldives, The Head and The Heart, David Bazan, Grand Hallway, Lemolo, Bryan John Appley, The Cave Singers, Shabazz Palaces, Night Beats, Pickwick, Widower, Curtains for You, The Lonely Forest, Beat Connection and I could go on for paragraphs… calling Seattle home, we’re blessed to be a part of the most vibrant music scene in the country. And I wouldn’t trade my Seattle experience or bands with any other city in the country world.

You can get in touch with me at:




Being wowed and sweated on profusely, by Ami of Monotnix

monotonix-abbey01(Photo by the talented Alex Crick)

And here I am  about exploding with joy, with one of my earliest Sound on the Sound discoveries Elvis Perkins in 2006:

abbey and elvis

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