A Massage Chair in the Studio for Some Added Luxury

Today massage chairs are used in many houses and studios to experience a relaxing and refreshing massage without the need to travel to a spa or a masseur. The massage chair is a fantastic way of experiencing massage and other benefits of a spa at your studio without scheduling an appointment, waiting or travelling. Many people avoid getting massages due to hectic daily schedules and other personal commitments.

Massage chairs provide the luxury of spa and massage centres at the comfort of your studio. The chairs relax, refreshes and rejuvenate your body and mind by massaging the tension points of the body. These chairs come with a wide range of massage settings, attachments and accessories. The chairs are available in different variants, and one can choose the massage chair that best suits her/his requirements. There are numerous benefits of having a massage chair in the studio. We have listed below a few genuine reasons why you should get a massage chair in your studio.

Massage Chair in the StudioMany people think that massage chairs are a mere luxury and are premium pieces of furniture which are not valid. There are other benefits of massage chairs apart from just massage therapy. Pressing and massaging the pressure points helps your body to relax by relieving the stress.

Relaxes and Refreshes

A massage chair in the studio helps in easing the stress and anxiety and facilitates increased alertness and productivity. Massage in the right pressure points reduces physical and emotional stress by lowering the blood pressure, heart rate, insulin levels and cortisol levels. Dopamine and serotonin are released, which helps in overcoming the constant or chronic stress. Studies show that 15 minutes of massage can enhance brain activeness in adults. The increase in the alertness is also noticed in adults with massaging.

Mood Enhancement

Massage is shown to release endorphins which are a feel-good chemical of the body. The release of this chemical results in improving the mood and helps you to be in a pleasant state of mind.

Better Sleep

Massage has shown to boosts the serotonin levels, which is converted into the sleep hormone called melatonin. Relaxing in the massage chair before bedtime can ensure blissful and undisturbed sleep.

Improvement in Cardiovascular health

Research shows that massage serves as a powerful therapy which reduces stress and blood pressure, which contributes a lot in improving cardiovascular health. Studies show that massage lowers heart rate and blood pressure in women with hypertension. It is also found that massage reduces anxiety, muscular and pain in patients with cardiac surgery.

Reduce Back Pain

The most common problem that people are suffering across the world is lower back pain. Back pain is the common cause of disability, and one in ten people develops the pain in the back, which becomes severe over time.

Reduces Headaches

Massage Chair in the StudioHeadaches can be caused to various reasons such as worn postures, tight back or soreness in the back, stress and eye strain and other medical conditions. Tension headaches have seen to improve blood flow by loosening the tight muscles to release tension and pain. Studies found that massage reduces pain, distress symptoms and sleep disturbances. The increase in the release of serotonin relieving a headache in the people that had a massage.

Spark Creativity

Massage has proved to relax the body and mind helps you to think clearly and increases problem-solving skills. The stress hormone is suppressed with the release of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine hormones which is another benefit of massage.

Increase mobility

Massage chairs help in improving the flexibility of the body as it loosens the stiff muscles by working on pressure points, tendons, joints and ligaments. It also promotes blood flow to keep the joints supple and less injury prone.

Immunity Booster

Research shows that massage strengthens immunity system during cold seasons by increasing the activity level by applying the pressure at joints, ligaments, tissues and tendons which helps to increase the white blood cells and decrease in the cortisol hormones which kills the disease-fighting cells.

Apart from the above-stated health benefits, there are also other benefits of having a massage chair in your studio.

Consistent Massages

Many people refrain from getting a massage regularly is due to the amount of time involved. Many people cannot take enough time out of their busy lives to receive a massage. Having a massage chair in your studio enables you to choose the massage whenever you are free without the need for travelling anywhere. You will be able to get massages consistently without the need to schedule the appointments and wait in the long Que’s.


A massage chair in your studio gives you super convenience of having a massage straight away whenever you feel like relaxing. You need to drive to any spa or masseur to receive a massage. All you to do is settle into the massage chair and start the session by turning on the device. Massage sessions can be altered based on your schedule quickly without entirely skipping the session.


Massage Chair in the StudioThe modern massage chairs come with customized massage features which will help you to set the mode of the massage based on your requirements. If you are keen on massaging certain pressure points on a specific day, then the settings can be customized to your physical conditions. All you need to do is select the mode of massage you want.


While massage centres and spas are busy with people, the massage chair in your studio allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage in your privacy. The massage chairs can be used to your bodily comfort in the privacy of your studio.


Massage chairs are added luxury for homes and studios, which makes many people think that they are highly expensive and cannot be afforded by most people. It is a fact that massage chairs are not cheap, but they are not very expensive either. However, the price depends on the material, make, size and massage features that come with the chair. But it should be noted that the massage chairs prove to be less expensive in the long run when compared to the massage sessions in the spa.

Having a massage chair in your studio is definitely an added luxury but also reflects your style and personality to your visitors.