February 10, 2014

“We Got the Team” – The Seattle Football Team Song


Seattle Super Bowl Champion Seahawks have inspired no shortage of musical dedication in the past few years, and 12th Man repped as hard as ever on Youtube this season. Spekulation recently putting the elusive but quotable Marshawn Lynch to a beat in “Bout That Action” was perhaps my favorite of the bunch.

Even reaching back 30 years the Seahawks engendered the sort of fandom that spurred Seattle to song. Digging through the crates I came across an 80′s anthem, replete with a synth-ony, Van Halen inspired riffs, and a confidence in the team that any true 12 identifies with (stream above). Part Monday Night Football intro jingle, part wishful thinking anthem, “We Got the Team” certainly sounds dated, but the sentiment is utterly February 2nd.

From that same time period comes another fan song that’s recently surfaced that is more indicative of the team’s performance at the time. It’s title “It’s Not Nice to Boo” says it all.

Let’s never return to that. Please.


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