June 25, 2013

PREMIERE: The Flavr Blue – “Hideaway” [video]



Seattle summer’s are a fickle beast. One day you’re swearing its time to invest in air conditioning and the next you’re digging your sweaters out of storage. (Okay, so you never got a chance to put them in storage, but you folded them real nice in the corner for a few days.)  And if we waited for the weather to comply with our whims, with our want to swim, to drink with friends under starlight and to chase the open road, we’d never leave our apartments. The quintessential Northwest skinny dip starts in a sweater.

Seattle synth-pop trio The Flavr Blue‘s latest, “Hideaway”, matches the mood of the city that made them. Its a song stuck between seasons and emotions. A dreamy down-tempo dance hit, with a hypnotic heartbeat, it is the moon pulling the tide to sea and a lover pushing you away when you want them most.

“Baby I don’t wanna wait” … in Seattle, we say it to the summer sun, we say it to our object of desire … and then we tear off our layers and run to them.

You can see The Flavr Blue at Capitol Hill Block Party on July 27th or at Bumbershoot on August 31st. 

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  1. Jon #

    That was one long beer commercial.

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