February 28, 2013

Hey Marseilles Made An Album (And A Wes Anderson Worthy Promo For It)



We shared this promo video for Hey Marseilles new record on our Facebook — but its just too well done (and adorable) to not share with those of you not on Facebook or who don’t “like” us there.

The Wes Anderson inspired promo features Hey Marseilles preparing for the release of their second full length Lines We Trace, out next Tuesday, and the rigors of touring behind it. The promo perfectly matches the bands preppy pop and orchestral twee and succeeds in making me excited to hear and see what’s next from a band who’ve sustained a successful local career on a single record for the past five years. Though, if you want  to get a listen to what Lines We Trace will actually sound like, you’ll have to watch another promo, featuring a brief sneak peek of the band’s literate lyricism.

Hey Marseilles begins a nationwide tour this Friday with a sold out show at the Showbox, our friends in Portland can see them Saturday at the Aladdin Theater and San Francisco can see them on the 5th at The Chapel.


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  1. Megan #

    This is incredible.

  2. Nicely done, very clever.

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