January 14, 2013

The Daily Choice: Hellshovel – Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home


It’s the beginning of the year (it still is I swear) and I’m still sifting through the many, many Best of Lists that populated the web over the last two to three months. It’s not say that I’m not actively searching for new music, but to be honest, the pickings feel slim, and someone(s) else already did some nice, deep, digging in to the music I missed last year. Hellshovel (to which I expect white face paint and pigeon eating) is a product of my skimming the good work and good intentions of other websites. Hellshovel is psych rock stripped down to a few bare essentials. The haze of psychedelia encroaches at the side, but this is a small group of musicians just dragging out the bare bones and going to town. It isn’t big or bloated with twenty minute noodle sessions, this is beats, guitar and the spindly whine of vocals. It’s refreshing is what it is.

Hellshovel’s album Hated By The Sun is out on Slovenly now.


Hit us up.

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