January 11, 2013

The Daily Choice: Wet Illustrated – Scorpio Wings


Wet Illustrated new single “Scorpio Wings” has all the typical recipes for the old garage rock (are we still as critics allowed to call things “garage rock” in 2013?) – fuzzy guitar, adenoidal vocals, a boom-bap cavalcade of tightly strung snare. Maybe it’s a new year, and the overwhelming weight of fuzzed out San Francisco rock ‘n’ fucking roll feels a little less oppressive, but more so Wet Illustrated is just better at this than everyone else. They manage to take the tired tropes and warp and distort and layer them in to a concoction that maintains the rote tropes of garage (for those to still clinging) but presents them in a way to dispel the lingering bloat of a genre exploded. Pretty much, this shit is good.

Wet Illustrated’s Scorpio Wings 7″ is out now on Infinity Cat.


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