January 10, 2013

The Daily Choice: Colleen Green – Time In The World


Colleen Green is a magician, I swear to God, a magician with a bag of tricks that she bought at thrift store. The magic rings that you pull apart are all rusted; the rabbit is a dusty skeleton; the card set she bought is missing two fives and some diamonds. Yet she gets out there, with a drum machine and some fuzz and her two-note register, and twirls her hands and blinks and all of sudden, presto, a brilliant song. “Time In The World” is just that song, a few ticks of a metronomic drum beat, a wave of good-time haze, and that monochrome voice barely surfacing above it all and somehow you have a whopper of a song. A song that tugs at the heart strings a bit, a song that you could put in an empty-street ending of a big film, a song that belies every expectation. Just like Colleen Green does every goddamn time. Magic I say, magic.

Colleen Green’s new albumĀ Sock It To MeĀ is out March 19th on Hardly Art.


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